How an artist used Google Earth to craft a record-setting wedding proposal

3, 2, 1 Action Hi, I’m Yassan. I create GPS art using Google Earth. In 2008, I had the idea of sending my girlfriend a surprise message by traveling across the Japanese Islands. I planned the route on Google Earth and then quit my job and left. I hadn’t really ever gone outside of Tokyo. […]

T.I. Has A Woman Over When Tiny Drops Off The Kids | T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle | VH1

Mama. Girl, mama. (baby whines) You hear what I’m saying. Mama! Who she think she is? Why I’m mad? What I’m mad about? You– you changed your tone once she wasn’t saying mama. I was changing my tone to the way she was changing her tone. It didn’t really sound like a good tone. I […]

I Was Going To Marry My Gf Until I Met My First Love. I’m A Cheater

Hey, people! I’m Rob. And I want you to do one thing for me. Close your eyes and imagine – a borderless coastline, the mountain face in the distance with an almost ancient lighthouse on the top, and the tiled terracotta roofs of tiny houses at the foot of it. Terrific landscape, right? This was […]

SHE WAS THERE (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 113)

[Music] like a loon so Mike you’re saying I should live your life alone mmm I need not have been with you through your hard times mark when you were broke I was there with you when you didn’t have food to eat I was there with you when you didn’t even have a job […]

I Tried 3 Wedding Day Looks

(upbeat music) – I’m so curious to know what is going on here. Oh my God, I’m gonna cry. – [Female] Oh my God. – Hey, I’m Niki. And this is my fiance Kelsie. We’re getting married this year. And we can’t wait to make this perfect day our own. It’s Wedding Season, and this […]

Holy Matrimony – SN-J feat. Sara Elbostahi & Olivia Neil-Jones (Prod. The Duos)

(Video set in Naples) Yo this is for hip hop Art straight from the heart… Check it out Old school isn’t hollywood, New fools acting like a dummy would, So it’s back to the hood for good With the hip hop battles, No shackles on our art, Rattle spray paint cans, and paint these streets […]

Tyler Shaw talks New Album, Married Life, and Shawn Mendes

Hey Western! Sofia Rodriguez here for Western TV, and today, we’re at London Music Hall, where Tyler Shaw is kicking off his Intuition tour. We got the pleasure to sit down with the platinum-selling singer-songwriter. So let’s go check it out! So your second album: Intuition, it’s really intimate! Um, and I want to ask […]


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