Jomeh (Friday)Farhad Arranged for Classical Guitar By: Boghrat

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Bride sings emotional song to Groom at the Wedding

The clothes which are piling up can wait, today The appointments which are coming must plan themselves. All the questions that I have, I can pack them together with the sorrows I have everything that I need here: My house, my child, my garden Even if it isn’t like that, yet Then maybe in a […]

Austrian Food Is DELICIOUS! – Food Tour in VIENNA AUSTRIA w/ The Travel Beans!

good morning adventures from the capital of Austria it's beautiful today such a lovely day yes kidding it's disgusting but we didn't get out yesterday we just kind of chose so we are getting out today we are gonna be traveling with our companions we just stepped in a puddle whoever these two people are […]


good morning guys today is the second day of our holiday as you can see it's very very beautiful here it's very very very beautiful and now I'm going to take my son because today it's raining today it's raining and so we cannot do a lot of outdoor sports activities so I am going […]

Vienna – Five Things to Love & Hate about Visiting Vienna, Austria – The Best & The Worst of Vienna

hey guys mark here was Walter's world in snowy gray Vienna Austria and my cold be Han and I are here to tell you a little bit about Vienna and basically today's video is the five things you're going to love and hate about visiting Vienna Austria the capita vostra guys this is one of […]

Tyrol (Austria) Vacation Travel Video Guide

literal untouched landscapes idyllic mountain villages and a magnificent mountain world make this region that covers the west and southwest of Austria plus northern Italy a nature lovers paradise we begin in the East High impressive waterfalls that race down into the valley below indicate the existence of large alpine glaciers in this region the […]

Vienna tourist tour