Top 10 Most Brutal Religious Ceremonies [Warning: Graphic Content] — TopTenzNet

10 Brutal and Horrifying Religious Ceremonies 10. Scalp Dances While anyone who has seen any traditional westerns or Inglourious Basterds has heard of the Native American practice of removing the scalps of enemies, particularly among tribes like the Apache. It’s much less likely you’re aware of the ceremony and etiquette that went into using them […]

Best Flash Mob Wedding Proposal – Bruno Mars – Marry You

Hi guys, so tomorrow is the day.. I’ve been planning and working on this from more than a month now.. From finding the dance troupe… Getting the camera crew.. Finding the right venue and getting the permissions.. And most importantly trying to learn how to dance… Because i’m not such a good dancer.. & I’ve […]

VG Kerala Christian Wedding

Vinu, you are my best friend. I promise to love you, cry with you, laugh with you and grow with you. I’ll respect you as a person, a partner and an equal. Throughout our life, no matter what is ahead of us, I pledge to you my life as an obedient and faithful wife.Together we […]

Top 10 Crazy / Insane Royal Family Memeber

Top 10 Crazy / Insane Royal Family Memeber 10. George III of the United Kingdom King George III ruled Great Britain and Ireland for some 59 years of his life. While he was somewhat gifted in the military campaign aspect defeating France in extended engagements once during Napoleon’s reign and once during the Seven Year […]

EXTREME HIDE and SEEK Fun Family Game Challenge!

– Welcome home everybody, you’re here on the Carl and Jinger family channel. And, today you guys we’re just out and about. Luke and Kyle are inside getting their drinks. We got some chips and some lunch, we’re just gonna have a little picnic here and plan out our day, and we’re just gonna bring […]

The Richest Family in the World

Who was the wealthiest person in every century? That was a question we tried to answer in a previous TIFO article. While it was an incredibly difficult question to get definitive answers to, it did reveal that the wealthiest private entity in the 19th century was actually not a person – but a family. The […]

What Happens When Someone DOES Object During a Wedding?

While it may come as a surprise to many, it turns out the whole, “If anyone can show just cause why this couple cannot lawfully be joined together in matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace” is actually a required part of the ceremony among certain church groups unless special dispensation is […]

My Houzz: Kyrie Irving’s Surprise Renovation

What makes a home for me is there’s an emotional connection Some memories, warmth, and the people that are in it I’m Kyrie Irving and this is My Houzz I will always be from New Jersey that’s where my father’s house is that’s where I grew up It’s where I get my attitude from it’s […]

This Amazing Lake House Made a Couple’s Dream Come True

(dramatic music) – Do you want to go get it? Go get it! Good girl. – The design of the house is centered around taking advantage of the natural environment in which it’s situated. We have about five acres of land. A little more than half of that is woods. Lake Austin is really a […]

Couple Rebuilds After Hurricane Harvey Wipes Out Their Home

(hopeful piano music) – [Angie] We bought this house in June of 2014. You know, all the houses in the neighborhood, at least then, were 1950s-built. It’s a little over 2,000 square feet. The lot itself is almost 10,000, so we knew we had a big yard, and it’s a three bedroom, two bath. The […]