My Baby Shower Haul!

hi guys welcome to our channel my name is Abby and this is my baby shower ha my husband and I went back to our hometown this past weekend and I had my baby shower on Saturday we are so blessed to have such an amazing family we had a lot of people come out […]


hey y'all welcome to my channel my name is Paige and this piece owner person is Cody today we are opening your baby shower gifts your gifts we're super excited for us yeah for the baby these are not for the baby there might be something for the baby yeah there might be but you […]

My Baby Shower Party (VLOG) + Encouragement for Sharing Your Faith

Hey everyone, so today is my baby shower baby shower number two so excited I'm also 35 weeks pregnant today, which is really exciting we only have like anywhere from two to Seven I think more weeks left. He could be any Here any time between then which is crazy, but I thought I would […]


I'm falling in the game just like I'm Pierrot Dima I'm falling in the game just like the shop yeah I'm falling in the game I got the coffee step Dasani in the chain I hope you see it clearly we are not the same I thought I made it clear I'm headed to the […]

(super chill) YOUTUBE BABY SHOWER – po box baby registry gifts unboxing pt2

hi hi my name is Mike and I'm Mary and welcome to Mike and now me plus today is our second round of online baby shower basically which is like really cute I think because we never really had baby shower no not for any of the kids I think for Galahad I had one […]

Baby Shower HAUL! TONS of First Time Mom Essentials!

hi guys today I wanted to film a quick baby shower haul quick this is not gonna be quick today I have my baby shower haul for you I'm going to probably split this up into two parts so we have a lot of stuff washing right now all of the outfits that we got […]


hey guys welcome back to me is nest a few of you have requested a babyshower haul video and here you go first we have these really cute little mittens to protect baby's face from fingernails scratching blue yellow and kind of a gray polka dot fibbed Anna's these are so in right now it's […]

Our Baby Shower 2019 💕Boy or Girl???


hey guys welcome to my channel my name is Carol and I am going to be filming today and what I got at my baby shower hall and I really wanted to do this because I love love love watching baby shower halls because it helped me so much whenever I was registering for my […]