Baby Shower Haul| First Time mom

hi guys welcome back to my channel it has been a while since I've done a video I am actually currently what almost 34 weeks pregnant and I think the last time that I filmed I was I don't know I don't think I was even 20 weeks pregnant yet so it's been a while […]

गोद भराई क्या होती है ? || What is Baby Shower ? || गोद भराई रस्म हिंदू कल्चर || My Album

baby showers of up Nitmiluk a seminar disco they summon another subject a publicity or shower baby shower Monique apartment a know so very sassouma a gay American iconically so Jacek he globe to Cheney corrosionthe push Nene John take he goes variety IOT to both Marais seven months here nine month starting Mejia they […]


hi guys welcome back to my channel today I have another video for you that is a throwback this is my baby shower with Ellie and it was such a fun time but I was in such denial that it was even happening so it was a very surreal moment for me and like we […]

Prepping for my BABY SHOWER!

hello everybody so today is the day before the baby shower and I thought it would be fun to take you guys along with our setup and our food prep and pretty much getting ready for the baby shower so it's being held at my girlfriend's house and I'm actually in the car right now […]

Baby Shower Ideas!!

I love me some Eagles and welcome back to the TV lifestyle a high chair people who everybody kumusta go most us who yes I'm still pregnant at two more weeks those months two weeks ago the baby's due on February 15th I'm so excited and I'm also excited that I got the baby shower […]

Baby Shower Vlog

there's a baby there's the ice cube so the first one they get the baby out of the ice cube I'm playing this one weird okay so look as soon as the baby's out you have to say my water broke but you cannot fight it so you can put it your hands think of […]