HOW TO BABY! | Ultimate Baby Shower Challenge

you know it's gonna go in your mouth like he's just you just nervous okay like it's just wait till your blood see what happens this one okay so I'm just gonna for the benefit of the chat this one very clearly has the texture of runny snot which is what Matthew is experiencing right […]

Baby Shower Setup/Baby shower decoration DIY

Throwing My BFF's Baby Shower!!

good morning everyone welcome back to another vlog today is the day of my friend Kenzie's baby shower which I have been planning for months I just got back from the gym which explains this sweaty yuk situation but I had a really good workout steven is here hello he looked beautiful oh thank you […]

Floral Boho Chic Baby Shower | Decor & Game Planning Ideas

what's up systems today I'll be talking about my flora Bohol baby showers I'll be sharing the decor in the fun game activities we did since my shower was co-ed and I know some people have a hard time trying to come up with games when men are involved in what is usually at all […]

What’s that smell? | BEST Baby shower game | Vlog #45

you got poop on your face don't eat it that's gross crow that's poop that's poop on your face what a purchase good day to all of you I hope I hope you're having a good day we're having a pretty good day here so we asked Kaylee a little while ago what she's most […]