hi guys welcome to my youtube channel obviously it is become adult obviously do not want this video to be long actually I'm plan on showing the Walmart registry um sample box but I think I owe it to you guys because I did do the rest of them and honestly right after I recorded […]

My Baby Shower Haul!

hi guys welcome to our channel my name is Abby and this is my baby shower ha my husband and I went back to our hometown this past weekend and I had my baby shower on Saturday we are so blessed to have such an amazing family we had a lot of people come out […]

Baby Shower Gift Basket Idea | Dollar Tree | Target |Ross| Marshall's | TJMAXX

hi you guys welcome back to my channel this video is super exciting and I should have uploaded it a long time ago because I actually did these this DIY like um I want to say like over a month ago before my kids even got out of school I think I think anyways it […]

Baby Shower Little Milk Bar

people do events like this all the time bloggers events and I just thought how great would it be to do something like this and give swag bags to women that really really mean it who's the one who can rise above take a chance to it off love there's an open door it gotta […]


hey guys welcome back to my channel my name is Amanda Lee you don't already know I have a new niece on the way she is due to be here at the end of February and I am so excited I mean who would it be excited it's just an exciting time we're gonna have […]

गोदभराई रस्म और गिफ्ट | 7 DIY Baby Shower Ideas | हिंदी DIY वीडियो | Blossom India

गोद भराई क्या होती है ? || What is Baby Shower ? || गोद भराई रस्म हिंदू कल्चर || My Album

baby showers of up Nitmiluk a seminar disco they summon another subject a publicity or shower baby shower Monique apartment a know so very sassouma a gay American iconically so Jacek he globe to Cheney corrosionthe push Nene John take he goes variety IOT to both Marais seven months here nine month starting Mejia they […]

Online YouTube Baby Shower!

What We Got At Our Baby Shower!

hey guys welcome back to my channel I'm currently sitting in the nursery so you can kind of get a little sneak peek of what things are looking like in here although they are definitely not done not even close to being done but you can kind of see it like the feature wall and […]