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Michael’s HORROR show 😱 for unsuspecting couple ends in tears of joy – BBC

It is time to find out who will be tonight’s Unexpected Star of the show! Wow. In a Big Show first, ladies and gentlemen, we are surprising not one, but two people. Tonight, a married couple will be duetting as our Unexpected Stars. AUDIENCE MEMBER: Whoo! Oh, good, that’s nice. So let’s meet tonight’s Unexpected […]

Our 1st wedding anniversary… UNEXPECTED CALL, Indian & Dutch MARRIED Couple Vlog #6

what I say I don’t know I’m really not good okay hi guys all right welcome back to our blog and today in our first marriage anniversaries something is special we going out for lunch because I was running reading any works for a ritual both together Indian and we celebrate with family at home […]

Pro make-up and hair for the Bride in Yosemite (M by Mickie)

well you got real guys real quick real quick [Laughter] you know I smile yeah like especially hair styles you don't want to take give me that's up to your hair if you had a t-shirt on or something you know so that within okay this part I don't like right here your bang yeah […]


because you're a little prostitute now II be running through my phone that's in entre Oh welcome back to the K is today we're doing a big fat ROM based trying haul and the dresses are coming from JJ's house which is affordable but top quality brand of dresses yes sir that it wedding dresses […]

Get ready for prom with me + pictures!

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