WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!!! (Ruanth’s Proposal)

Hi all, Good morning Today is the 29th of August, 9:00 am I’m making this video in Indonesian since most of Cindy’s followers are Indonesian I’ll dub it to English Today I’m going to propose to… I’m going to propose… to Cindy there’s still a lot of preparation… the plan is to invite Cindy to […]

Boston | New Bag| Baby Shower | Vlog Mature Beauty | Sixty Plus

hey guys it's Sunday and it's a beautiful Sunday although it's pretty cold and I am at my beautiful niece Kayla baby shower she's having a little boy her estimated due date is January 1st and they were the baby showers just absolutely beautiful so I've been taking some video clips and some photos and […]


music Hey guys it's Kim Dao right here welcome back to my channel in today's video I'm going to be telling you guys 10 Japan travel hacks that will make your travel to Japan a lot easier just before I start the video make sure you guys click the thumbs up button and then subscribe […]

I got married !! Why I Eloped ??? Tips + ideas

hi everyone and welcome back to Renee's life if you are new to Renee's life hello just so that you know a brief history of my channel which would which my channel is about lifestyle Beauty inspiration when inspiration I talk about my marriage life as well and I guess I DIY different things and […]

Try on: PROM DRESSES ON WISH! I made a huge mistake …


#YoungAndKryzzzie Chinese Dowry and Church Wedding | Kryz Uy

so you remember the ting Han video if you don't let me remind you with a card appeared about all the Chinese traditions that we have to do like putting sang-hee stickers on all these little eggs and stuff like that there's another tradition called the cat song and that's what we're preparing for now […]

100 Things to do in TOKYO, JAPAN | Japan Travel Guide