Manifest Your Partner, Lover, improve your Relationship | Guided Meditation

This is Rasa Lukosiute. Welcome to your meditation. We’ll begin this meditation by settling into our bodies. Once we become aware of our bodies, we are able to fall into the subconscious mind more easily, where we will work to call in the perfect romantic partner or lover If you want to stay awake for […]


Rose Gold GRWM 💕 my ENGAGEMENT makeup! yay!

hey everyone today I am practicing at some bridal makeup / maybe some makeup I might wear at my engagement party which is coming up in a couple of months I know this is very early but I’m also filming a wish winning dress trial which you guys will see very soon I’m very excited […]

My Engagement Proposal Story ♥ My Engagement Ring Reveal ♥ Wengie

So this is my ring. Ewww! Hairy fingers! I should really not show you my hairy fingers, but here they are. Hey guys, it’s Wengie here welcome back to my channel, and I thought I’d address this already, but I got engaged! Uhm, this was like a little while ago actually But I thought I […]

History of Diamond Engagement Rings | History Of | Racked

It’s the most wonderful time of year. Oh no, not that. I’m talking about Facebook engagement season. Everyone you know is getting engaged literally right this second and they’re all posting the same photo: the ring. But if Facebook existed 100 years ago, those rings probably wouldn’t have had diamonds. One of the first recorded […]

Victoria Beckham On Her Makeup Line And Family Life | TODAY

I Tried To Get Perfect Hair & Brows For My Wedding

– [Stylist] Starts to burn just a little bit but that’ll go away. – Oh no. Hey, I’m Niki, and this is my fiancee Kelsie. We’re getting married this year, and we can’t wait to make this perfect day our own. It’s Wedding Season, and this week, we’re talking hair and brows. Hair! There’s a […]

How Our Beauty Director Gets Ready For Her Wedding Day | Try This Challenge | Refinery29

Okay. So I am patiently waiting to dry my hair right now. But someone else has taken the hair dryer from me. And when do I get to use the hairdryer? Oh, it’s all yours. Hi I’m Cat Quinn. I’m the Beauty Director at Refinery29 and I’m so excited to get my best, healthiest, shiniest […]

How to create a Crown Twist Braid | Updo Hairstyles

[MUSIC PLAYING] You are the icing on my cake. You are the smile I can’t replace. -Hey, everyone. I’m Mindy from Cute Girls Hairstyle, and today CGH3 and I are going to show you how to do a crown twist. So lots of you guys remember our crown braid. We’ve had such good feedback from […]