Meet The New Family In The Oval Office – Tyler Perry’s The Oval

– Everybody has a story. Everybody comes from somewhere. I think that’s a lot of what our show is trying to discover and unpack. – The Oval is a drama that will send you on so many twists and turns. There’s a lot of love, and there’s a lot of turmoil. And it’s just juicy, […]

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– ♪ – KEYSHIA: The sword is heavy, but I cannot complain because this is what I asked for– a big-ass diamond sword to cut this big-ass cake. – [tension-filled music] [tension-filled music continues] – KEYSHIA: Yeah! – GUESTS: [cheering] – Yeah! KEYSHIA: This banana bread is scrumptious. Gucci calls me “Banana Bread,” because I […]

Nicole Murphy sleeps with her sister friend Lela Husband behind her back, Lisaraye Expose ALL

hey how you're doing what's going on party crashers with my family at okay y'all my brothers my sisters my mother's my father's all that crap okay so anyway girl I got some stuff to tell you guys before I tell y'all this stuff come here come here girl I got something to tell you […]

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