Meet The New Family In The Oval Office – Tyler Perry’s The Oval

– Everybody has a story. Everybody comes from somewhere. I think that’s a lot of what our show is trying to discover and unpack. – The Oval is a drama that will send you on so many twists and turns. There’s a lot of love, and there’s a lot of turmoil. And it’s just juicy, […]

En Garde! Was Cutting The Wedding Cake A Huge Disaster? | The Mane Event

– ♪ – KEYSHIA: The sword is heavy, but I cannot complain because this is what I asked for– a big-ass diamond sword to cut this big-ass cake. – [tension-filled music] [tension-filled music continues] – KEYSHIA: Yeah! – GUESTS: [cheering] – Yeah! KEYSHIA: This banana bread is scrumptious. Gucci calls me “Banana Bread,” because I […]

Full Interview: Mark Wahlberg on A-Rod, ‘Instant Family’ and ‘Good Vibrations’

Last time you were here, you have a car dealership. Where is it again? Columbus, Ohio. Columbus, Ohio. So he’s got a car dealership there. I did a commercial to help him sell cars. Oh, wow. It got a lot of pickup. Listen. First of all, we were number one in the market. But then […]

Keyshia Cole & Niko Khale Host Their Baby Shower On A Yacht! 🛥

no you need to put gas in this big old truck the whip [Applause] you couldn't bother because couldn't remember what we were saying [Applause] so look into this little IQ but chip not your belly I was very sad although you though I love you cut that

Ellen Tests Engaged Couples in 'You Bet Your Fiancé'

Million Dollars, But… Theme Pack: Holiday – 12 Crimes of Christmas | Rooster Teeth

G: Hello, welcome to a special holiday edition of Million Dollars But. Here we have Blaine and Barbs and myself Blaine. It's Christmas. You have pecs. *Barbara's laughter* Why don't you go first?Blaine: Okay- Blaine: You get a million dollars, but, for the 12 days leading up to Christmas You have to commit 12 felonies. […]

The Wedding Ringer – Official "Best Friends" Trailer

Where Is J. Holiday Now After He Gave Us Mega Hits “Bed” & "Suffocate" | #FindingBET