How Korean Is My Black Fiancé?

do the kimchi squats and you guys really liked the are you invited to the cookout so we had to flip it and play are you bite into the Korean barbecue and same thing we're doing this little scale here mrs. Rickey's invited to barbecue and he's uninvited every year let's go this one has […]

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"ROYAL WEDDING" — A Bad Lip Reading

so how many animals would you say you could probably kill think I've kept count absolutely 1693 giraffes you're right not yet do you need a pen why would I need a pen I'm not sure [Applause] I think she's brilliant Harry and Megan who is your favorite Harry Potter character Hagrid Hagrid not correct […]

My Fiancée Teaches Me How To Play The Korean Drum | SLICE n RICE 🍕🍚

let's begin about the Korean culture and I told glory I want to learn about that drum drum drum we went to a show a long time ago and I saw people playing on drum yeah I wanna play the gun nothing and you little good I don't know what to expect I'm like the […]

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