In-Laws Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

– What do you find most sexy about my daughter? – Her butt, I mean, like, you know, I immediately went to like you know, sex things. She’s gorgeous. – So you’re having sex with my daughter’s butt? – No. (fancy music) – Mother-in-law. – Son-in-law. – He will be my father-in-law, his name is […]

Couples Explain Cheating | Couples Describe | Cut

– Cheating, yes. – Do you wanna go first? – Have we ever talked about that? – No. – Definitely more than just a couple inches. Ya know, I mean– – What? – (laughs) I’m kidding. – Nobody talks to her, period, that’s it. – So stupid. – If she held hands with a guy, […]

Serena & Zach’s Story | How Couples Sleep | Cut

– She’s a really heavy sleeper, so I could probably be blaring music and she would be totally fine. – Yeah, if there’s an intruder in the house, I’m definitely dead. (chill music) (covers rustling) – [Serena] My name’s Serena. – [Zach] And my name’s Zach. – We’ve been dating for a year and a […]

Couples Play Fear Pong (Elissa & Peter vs. Casey & Jarvis) | Fear Pong | Cut

– Google. (click) – Lotion. – Shh Shh. – Boobs come out. (laughs) – Shaft comes out. – Oh! (grunts) (laughter) – That was great. “Hey, babe, whatcha doing?” – No, no, no! (laughter) – Damn, that’s gonna be on YouTube, right? (opera music) – Hey! – Hi! – What up? – I’m Casey. – […]

Couples Tell Each Other How They Lost Their V-Card | Couples Describe | Cut

I couldn’t … find the hole like … Have you guys ever talked about your first sexual experience with each other? – Did we? – Um, I don’t think so. – The first time I had sex? – How did you lose your virginity? (Exhalation) – Where was it? – It was on my 18th […]

Couples Play Fear Pong (Bo & Sam vs. Kody & Holly) | Fear Pong | Cut

(collective wooing) – Reenact your opponent’s favorite genre of porn. – Ah, I can totally do this. (stomping) Who is it? – Pizza guy. – (laughs) Come in. (dramatic opera music) – I’m Cody Berry. – I’m Bo Donaldson. – I’m Holly Domingas. – Samantha Gill. – How long have you guys been together? – […]

Couples Play Truth or Drink (Chanarah & Cid) | Truth or Drink | Cut

Aw, why do you love me? Why do you love me? Why do you love me? I’m Chanarah, and I’m Cid. Year and a half. Oh man… what’s the meanest thing I’ve said to you? Chanarah: Spit it out! Cid: You called me greasy. You called me ugly. No, I don’t! Cid: Sometimes. Chanarah: He […]

Couples Describe the First and Last Time They Were Intimate | Couples Describe | Cut

– Woo. (woman laughs) Woo. – So dumb. – The first time. Sorry mom. – That was a long time ago. Do you remember it? – Well of course I do. – Well we had known each other for quite a while, we had been dating quite a while. – We came back from a […]

Truth or Drink: Couples (Karlos & Kris) | Truth or Drink | Cut

– This is impossible for you, but do you ever fake an orgasm? – No. – Because I would see it, and I would be like what the hell are you doing? (mimics groans) (laughs) – I’m Kristopher Dillard, and that’s my husband. – I’m Karlos Dillard, that’s my husband. (laughs) Cheers. Alright babe, do […]

Couples Play Fear Pong (Analisa & Aaron vs. Ian & Makaela) | Fear Pong | Cut

– Oh, let’s fuckin’ go! – Give the other team a sexy lap dance. – Yeah! – Oh let’s go! (laughter) – Oh fuck! Oh shit! (“Ode to Joy”) – Hi – Hi – We met at a bar. – We’ve been together for two months. – Yeah – It was two months yesterday. – […]