Solemn High Nuptial Mass: Danielle & Jeff Rother Part 4

[ The Priest continues to chant the Preface. ] Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of hosts. [ The Choir chants the ♪ “Sanctus.” ♪ ] [ The Priest prays silently before the Consecration. ] [ The Bells are rung. ] [ Everyone kneels. ] [ The Priest prays the prayers of Consecration silently. ] Who, […]

Real Life Vampires Find Love At First Bite: EXTREME LOVE

COUNT TIM: Vampirism is something that you live, that you breathe, and that you’re in it 100% every day of your life. COUNT TIM: Hi! My name is Tim, and this is my beautiful Countess Lea Van Doorn, and we’re vampires. COMM: Count Tim and Countess Lea are part of a growing community of vampires […]

Real Life Vampire Couple Drink Each Other’s Blood

00:02 COMM: You would be forgiven for thinking this is a meal with red wine, but the glasses actually contain blood. 00:10 Lia: Cheers my love. 00:11 COMM: Lia and Aro aren’t your average couple, they’re actually real life vampires living in the sleepy town of Haven Hill, Suffolk. 00:18 Lia: The taste of the […]

WiHM9 Blood Drive – Blood Bride

[Applause] mr. glass I am so sorry to keep you waiting but sir let's go to my office we'll just be privately please have a seat you know it's all the same I'd rather not okay I just figured with everything you've been going through you might want to just relax a little I'm going […]

Pregnant Woman Caught In Public Shooting | Untold Stories Of The ER

Buffy Reaction | 3×20 | The Prom | We Watch Whedon

you can't nope can't even sing it can't even hum it they'll even say the lyrics to it there are no lyrics but if there were you couldn't yeah well you can say it on patreon which by the way speaking of which guys you guys definitely should go check out we have a patreon […]

Baby Shower!

hey YouTube ok this is the video of my shower stuff my mom is starting my shower it's gonna be on April 11th it's the day before Easter um it's 26 days away I think I don't know I'm really excited for it my husband my husband's mom is coming into town so I'm really […]

Take 5 to Care: Holiday Blood Drive

take five Beaucaire sponsored by Subaru Las Vegas Desert Springs and Henderson hospital well we've been telling you for weeks now it's finally here the take 5 to care holiday blood drive happens today yeah Fox 5 Melissa Deeds is live and elicits putting a big smile on my face to see so many volunteers […]

Bride Of Chucky – Tiffany Transformation Makeup Tutorial

Oh Oh down the treatise on the girl hey guys so before we start here's the photo of her makeup being shown in the movie this will be our reference guide for our look today the first thing you will need of course is your hair I just bought a blonde wig with black roots […]