Lord of The Rings: 60th Year Anniversary Edition | Harper Collins – Book Presentation

Hello and welcome to the third episode of Pontus presents stuff. In this episode I will show you the 60th year anniversary edition of lord of the rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, so yeah let’s get going so yeah this is the 60th-year anniversary edition by Harper Collins. It was published in 2014 so yeah you […]

DIY Back to School Notebook & Folder Decoration | Sea Lemon

Some of you have asked how to decorate your notebooks and folders. So here are some ways you can spruce up those plain covers. This video will be an overview of some fun and simple ways to decorate your notebooks and folders. You’re welcome to get inspired by these ideas and make your own unique […]

Sausage Pasta | Jamie Oliver | Superfood Family Classics

Hello lovely people, I’m going to show you a brand new recipe, from my brand new book, which is Super Food Family Classics It’s all about the food that you love, but made really healthy were going to do a gorgeous pasta, my sausage and broccoli pasta Very simple, straight forward, and this is something […]

Wedding Day: Photo Book Albums

This is an example of one of the wedding books that I offer for my clients. These books come in a variety of sizes. This book here is a 10×10 and this is the hard cover protective case that the book comes in and then the book you can see it inside. Here is the […]

Gypsy Jazz Play Along – Anniversary Song

All of these tracks available for download on our wesbite https://www.gonzalobergara.com/shop

Zero Love

If you find yourself with Zero Love, join us in Quirky Polygamist Country for a Grand Slam of kooky romance. Lob yourself into a heap of hysterics with Jitters — A Quirky Little Audio Book by Adele Park Jitters is a drop shot a fun about a radio shock jock who goes to work at […]

Dewey Decimal Classification system: how books are arranged in the Library

Hi, my name is Colin MacLean. This is one of a series of short videos about using the library. This video is about how books are arranged on the bookshelves in the library using the Dewey Decimal Classification system. The Library uses the Dewey Decimal Classification system for the arrangement of books on the Library […]

Forced Monogamy

Welcome back! Our next guest is Mrs. Notta Virgin, author of the new book, “The History of Forced Monogamy.” Notta, what can you tell us about your new book? Thanks, Bill. My book explores how monogamy has been forced onto the world and the horrible effects it has had on our society and the lives […]

Memoir Review of Fifty Years in Polygamy by Kristyn Decker

Hi there, I’m Linda Jo Martin. I’m a Book Lady on YouTube, and I’m the Autobiography and Memoir Bookworm Contributor on Squidoo.com. Today i and reviewing “Fifty Years in Polygamy: Big Secrets and Little White Lies” by Kristyn Decker. Her uncle, Rulon Allred, started a church called the Apostolic United Brethren, based in Bluffdale, Utah. […]

‘Convince Her’ Manual – How to Persuade Your Partner To Get A Boob Job

What I love about big breasts is not just the visual it’s also a tactile the way it feels when you’re making love to a woman, it’s, it’s the attention that she gets, I have to admit that, and it’s a, it’s a feeling of richness that there’s an abundance, that life is good! Most […]