गोद भराई क्या होती है ? || What is Baby Shower ? || गोद भराई रस्म हिंदू कल्चर || My Album

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D.I.Y. Baby Shower for a BOY | vlog

is this edible everything but the flowers put in indistinct man because I actually I I don't want to drive all the way back here you let me know these are all the guests tables okay and then we have our schedule the baby shower timeline [Applause] hello [Applause] go get me a ball get […]

My Baby Shower Ideas

hello and thank you for tuning in my life full of hope and today I just wanted to do a short video about my decor that I had for Josiah's baby shower and I had on his baby shower four weeks ago one week before two weeks before he was born and I just wanted […]

What We Got At Our Baby Shower!

hey guys welcome back to my channel I'm currently sitting in the nursery so you can kind of get a little sneak peek of what things are looking like in here although they are definitely not done not even close to being done but you can kind of see it like the feature wall and […]

Our Baby Shower 2019 💕Boy or Girl???


good money it's my baby shower today and I'm also 35 weeks pregnant as of today getting really big and it is so hot um so I'm like well but yeah my baby shower is today it's just at our place so I'm kind of just setting up the last bits and pieces we have […]


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