Weird Things All Vampire Couples Do

– Hey, have you seen my– Aww, man I was gonna eat that. – Well I had to finish him before he turned. – Well what am I gonna do now? – I don’t know, there’s some girl scouts in the kitchen. – Is there garlic in this? – Is there garlic in this? Yeah, […]

Is Marriage An Outdated Concept?

hey good afternoon star report on a Thursday all right I’m feeling good and I’m in the building I want to talk about some things with regards to research and I want to thank you guys first and foremost those of you you know guys who are body builders for reaching out to me making […]

Jake Paul & Tana Mongeau's Wedding: Fake or Forever? | Nightly Pop | E! News

let's move on to Tana Mongo and Jake Paul is that her name for all we figured out her name yet doesn't matter Nina's not happy about that we're talking about them after their wedding day yesterday the YouTube stars charged every 150 dollars to watch them say I do luckily e-news was there obviously […]

6 Wild Moments From Jake Paul & Tana Mongeau's Wedding | E! News

Fumb Duck Radio 002 – 90 Day Fiancée And Brave Wilderness With Stephen Bagazzoli And Dylan Didiano

gentlemen we got our second podcast fun duck here Steven here my good friends arm we're gonna talk about some crazy shit as usual so what's the start oh man I don't know I've been good Kingdom played it's been a week since our first podcast see how this one is I'm excited I'm excited […]

The 20 most expensive destinations

Lesbian, Girlfriend OK for Private Miss. Prom