5 Tips You Need to Know For Your Wedding Tasting

hey everyone it’s crystal I am getting married in October of 2019 the very best part of the wedding planning process so far I have to admit has been the tasting if you’re a bride or a groom embarking on this journey of planning for your wedding and if you’re serving food you have to […]

10 Important Wedding Tips That Everyone Must Know

Oh, Hey there! It’s that time of year again, no not the holidays, it’s wedding season! There’s so much advice out there for the perfect wedding that we thought we would weigh in and give you the Bestie Dos and Don’ts list when it comes to your big day. We hope that you’ll say YES […]

Bridesmaids Appointment Do's and Dont's

Pre Bridal Skin Care at Home to Get Gloss Skin in 30 Days, Skin Whitening Tips Remedies


you hey you guys it's Kristin welcome back to the segment of my channel called bridal blogging today's video is going to be something I think is really really important for your bridal party since there's two brides here this is why you'll see double this side is mine this side is Heather's however big […]

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