The Knot’s Favorite Wedding Traditions

– We had fire dancers, baby! (upbeat instrumental music) After the fire dancers, we had tequila and a churro cart. So, we had sweet and spice, and then we kept dancing til like three in the morning. – My mom actually… fell down the… – This isn’t good. – She fell down the stairs and […]

The GREATEST Wedding Proposal EVER!!!

After being together for a thousand nights,… …vincent decided to propose to his girlfriend… …in a unique way. Unaware of what’s in store… …she was lured to the cinema where she saw a very special trailer. In which fact met fiction, and fiction became fact. This is a story about him. And yes he rides […]

Emotion Wedding Photography

Hey thank you so much for coming seriously! No worries I’m so excited for this. Where do we start though? Ummmm??? Well the venue’s sorted. Got the dress obviously. The flowers… done them now. Ummm…So [sigh] I’ve got to find a photographer. But like I actually need an affordable one. Yeah and there are so […]

How to Wear SILK SAREE Perfectly – Hacks & Tricks | #Teenagers #Wedding #Fashion #Anaysa

oho.. never pleats get sets well in this silk saree How much time will you take? leave it I think you are not be able to drape a silk saree and I am telling you the tricks so that you can keep it prepare if beforehand wherever you want to go so just need to […]

Mehfil Taan Sajdi | Fun Punjabi Wedding Music | Mehndi Songs | Neelam Sharma | USP TV

Ho mehendi taan sajdi Ho mehendi taan sajdi je nache munde di maa Ho mehendi taan sajdi je nache munde di maa Ho mehendi taan sajdi je nache munde di maa Todi taan vajdi je nache munde di maa Ho mehendi taan sajdi je nache munde di maa Ho mehendi taan sajdi je nache munde […]

Zola | Easiest and Most Helpful Wedding Registry | How It Works

Now that you’re engaged [engagement ring sparkles] Let the planning begin! [happy engaged couple shows off her ring] Zola makes it easy to register for tons of gifts [Scanner gun buzzes] Not like that [Scanner gun drops into trash can] [Mobile phone appears with Zola’s online store] Think things like What you need [Several traditional […]


Making My Wedding Dress! (Part 1)

– Guess who’s getting married!? (wedding song music) (chilled house music) I am getting married, rather too soon for my liking, and I have not got a dress yet, because for quite a few years I have thought, if I get married, then I wanna make my own wedding dress. And I just couldn’t find […]

We Bought EVERYTHING On Their Wedding Registry!

Finnish Wedding: Sweating Out Ex-Boyfriends & Getting Hit With A Broom | Euromaxx

At this sauna in Finland, they’re making wedding preparations of a rather unusual kind. “That stings. Why does it have to hurt so much?” “I never promised you a rose garden!” “Sometimes life’s unpleasant.” Being struck with a bath broom made of birch branches is supposed to really hammer home the bridesmaids’ advice. In another […]