Marriage Words

In this unit, we will review some words related to marriage. [MUSIC] Alliance: is a state of being in a relationship with another person. Engagement: is an agreement between partners in a relationship to marry one another at some future date. Betrothal: is another word for an engagement Fiancé: is a man engaged to be […]

Clumsy Groom Messes Up Big Time – a funny wedding fail with StickerYou

What a great day that was… everyone love, love, loved the hangover kits. I just feel so great…sooo amazingly, awesomely great. You pack up the aspirin and I’ll take care of the water and sunglasses. You got it honey! Go! Go! Go! Move it! We have to be at the rehearsal dinner in ten minutes! […]

Solemn High Nuptial Mass: Danielle & Jeff Rother Part 1

[ bells chime ] [ people sand ] [ Chanted by the choir, ♪ Atténde Dómine ♪ ] [ The Clergy process in. ] [ The Organist plays ♪ Canon in D Major ♪ ] [ people sit ] [ The Groom enters. ] [ The Mother of the Bride processes in. ] [ The […]

Solemn High Nuptial Mass: Danielle & Jeff Rother Part 4

[ The Priest continues to chant the Preface. ] Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of hosts. [ The Choir chants the ♪ “Sanctus.” ♪ ] [ The Priest prays silently before the Consecration. ] [ The Bells are rung. ] [ Everyone kneels. ] [ The Priest prays the prayers of Consecration silently. ] Who, […]

Solemn High Nuptial Mass: Danielle & Jeff Rother Part 3

perhaps feel this in a particularly painful, acute manner; how few couples are coming for marriage, and even Catholic couples, assaulted as they are by all sorts of disinformation about love. Disinformation about what it means to be a man, what it means to be a woman. Disinformation about the human person And this has […]


last night I heard the voice of the Lord speaking over the people these two words marry me I felt in my heart he wanted to propose to his people for a fresh giving of themselves over to him a couple of points that I talked about was the wonderful phrase that is used in […]

I Want To Marry My Boyfriend, But There Is A Problem

hi I'm Amy and my story didn't have a happy ending yet I still hope things will work out I met my boyfriend Alex when we were both just 14 we took piano lessons with the same teacher so we'd meet at her house several times a month when his class was finishing and mine […]

Beautiful home decoration, mehendi and hair and make up for the bride's sister.

[Música] sí no sí [Música] y [Música]

Wedded To The Job: World's First Professional Bridesmaid For Hire

we all enjoy a good wedding but Jane glans loves them so much she's decided to make a living out the special day as the world's first professional bridesmaid my favorite thing at a wedding is getting to watch the bride walk down the aisle it's just a wonderful feeling to be there for a […]