Jim Parsons and Ellen Talk About Their Wedding Anniversaries

Congratulations on your first– is it your one year anniversary? This is the– yes, yes, officially for the law, you know? For the, yes, wedding anniversary. It’s such a weird thing being a gay couple– well, at my age. Because there were so you couldn’t get married. And so now we’ve been– this is our […]

Darren Criss “Getting Married Today” – Broadway Backwards 2019

Bless this day, Pinnacle of joy Boy unites with boy The heart leaps up to behold This golden day. Darren, I can’t find my other shoe anywhere. Thank you, Prince Charming. Today is for Darren Darren, I give you the rest of my life To cherish and to keep you To honor you forever Today […]

Who Sang The “I’m (Not) Getting Married” Fast Parts Best?

Perdonenme, ¿Están todos ahí? Porque si están todos ahí quiero agradecerles por haber venir a la boda Les agradecería más el que se fueran, digo, deben de tener mejores cosas por hacer Y ni una palabra a Paul ¿Se acuerdan de Paul? El hombre con el que me casaré.. Pero no lo haré. Porque no […]


What a lovely time to meet. Well, I’ll offer you just a bit of advice, if I may. I should think ought to purchase a dog before you have children considering that is the patriotic thing to do. And I’m sure you’ll find many advantages to this purchase, as well. My husband and I bought […]

New York City & Times Square Night Tour

The Prom Musical Audio Swap- Tonight Belongs to You X Glee I Will Survive/Survivor + Montage

Satisfied: Hamilton the Musical

حسناً حسناً ذلك ما أتكلم عنه الان الجميع صفقوا لأشبينة العروس أنجيليكا سكايلر نخب للعريس (للعريس , للعريس , للعريس) للعروس (للعروس,للعروس) من اختكِ ! ( أنجيليكا, أنجيليكا,أنجيليكا) التي دائما الى جانبكِ (إلى جانبكِ ) نخب لأتحادكم (للأتحاد , للثورة) والأمل الذي تقدمه (تقدمه,تقدمه) أتمنى أن تكونوا دائما ً(دائماً) راضيين (رجوع) رجوع رجوع (رجوع,رجوع) (عاجزة,عاجزة,عاجزة) […]