Making Boring Holidays Sexy

(upbeat music) (Rekha sighs) (Grant sighs) (Ally sighs) – What's the matter?– Father's Day's coming up. I have no idea what to get my daddy. – Tell me about it. My dad, he buys everythingthat he wants for himself. So it makes it impossible.– Not my dad. My daddy.– Our daddies, Raph. – Isn't that […]

Botswana – Our Pride, Your Destination

welcome to beautiful Botswana where the warmth of her people and wildlife is welcoming with a vibrancy of her land echoes in the unforgettable voices of her people come and see Botswana in her splendour a place to live work and invest which one our pride your destination

25 Wedding Photos YOU Won't Believe Actually Exist!

welcome back to top 5 best if you like this video consider liking it maybe even subscribing to us because your click equals our smile ah picture your wedding day family friends your true love right in front of you that final final kiss truly all amazing and what better way to capture these kinds […]

Navy Sailor, Fiancee Marry at Nevada Airport

14 Wedding Photos You Won't Believe Actually Exist!

top five best presents WTF weddings you won't believe getting married is the thing that most people aspire to do at some point in their lives there are classic traditions when it comes to weddings such as the bride wearing white and the groom wearing black but there are some other weddings that are just […]

Love jihad case in rajasthan girl eloped with muslim man family said she was very religious must had

he got job on visit visa in Dubai

The Billionaire Behind LA's Most Iconic Shopping Destination | Forbes

I've always loved real estate I loved it since I was a young guy it was the way I was born it's in my blood you know the the real business that we're in is the hospitality business so we're in the business of making people happy and part of that is the retail business […]

Katy boardwalk could become one of Texas' biggest shopping destinations

the city of Katy is on the verge of having one of the biggest shopping destinations in Southeast Texas thanks to the development of the new Katy boardwalk the project just getting started but our Janelle Belinda I got a sneak peek at what's coming huge things are happening here in Katy the KT boardwalk […]