Struggles of Coming from a Conservative Family

– Family time always sounds like a good idea to me until you realize that just because you’re family, it doesn’t mean that you’re gonna agree on everything. Part of growing up, is actually forming your own opinions, whether that’s the way that you dress, sexuality, gender, or politics, and that’s okay. But understanding how […]

TSL Plays: Family Feud 3.0 (2019 Rewind Edition)

You are my sun-flo-wer. – Ok, that’s enough. – Oi! Welcome to another episode of TSL Plays, where we will be playing a game of Family Feud: 2019 Rewind Edition. I’m your host, Lun Harvey. And here are the rules. We are the… Dysfunctional… Denims. We are… Black Hood! There are top 6 Internet lingos […]

The Try Guys React To Their First Videos • 2-Year Anniversary

(stapler clicks) (yelling) – I was the only one who tucked. – There was, again, no reason for that. – I still don’t really understand what tucking is. – It’s when you shove your balls up into your body. – Inside of your… – [All] Hi, we’re the Try Guys! – And welcome to our […]

Overactive Muslim Man Divorced 19 Times!

(Talking about his first father-in-law) He insisted on my giving 250 Dinars for the dowry and I insisted on giving 200 Dinars($120) And it ended up for me in court divorcing my first wife And I did not lose anything

The Try Guys 4-Year Anniversary Challenge

-Happy anniversary! -Four years ago, today, the very first Try Guys video came out. -Can you believe that all of this started with us putting on thongs? -Yes. -It has been a crazy four years and we thought we’d take this moment to reflect, and have some fun looking back at some of our old […]

Bobby Berk Gives Home Decoration Advice

– That would make me less mad about traffic. Welcome, Bobby. – Thank, thank you. – Thanks so much for being here. Bobby is the interior designer extraordinaire on Netflix hit show Queer Eye. Today, we have some audience questions on how to make their spaces better. – Thanks for sending these in, guys. I […]

Brides Guess The Cost of Wedding Dresses