Christmas mini cupcake bauble decorations How To Cake Tutorial

In this video, we’re just going to decorate some little miniature cupcakes and it’s quite quick and easy to do We are going to make them look like Christmas baubles and it’s something that’s quite nice to do with the children I’ve just got some normal fondant that we are going to roll out You […]

Bow Cake | Cute Baby Shower Cake

I guess today I'm going to show you how to make a bow cake so first you want to roll out your blue fondant now I'm going to cut stripes and I'm trying to make them as even as possible now you want to take your stripe and place it on a piece of wax […]

How to Make a Baby Shower Cake

hi everyone today I'm going to show you how to make a baby rum per cake using Wilton's t-shirt pan now there are tons of things that I love about this pan but first of all what I love most is that it's a one mixed pan it just takes one standard cake mix so […]

Bridesmaids Part 1 – How To Make the Cupcake in the Movie

hello everyone now this video is inspired by the film bridesmaids now I'm going to see it with my sister the other night and it was hilarious so Kirsten wig the main character she's Baker and I must say Ashley she's brilliant in this bill anyway she makes beautiful looking cupcake in the in the […]

Wedding Cake Decorating in 5 min – Learn The Secrets of Bakery

Decorate a Baby Shower Cake in Minutes

hi welcome to sweet art made simple I'm Jill and today I'm going to show you how to create a baby shower cake we're using pink today so if you're going to a baby shower you know it's a girl then of course you want to decorate it in pink or other pinky girl colors […]