Amber Chitty Wilson Community Engagement Awards 2019

I do have a couple of comments from students that have taken Amber’s course “she is always available no matter how busy she is and absolutely the nicest person” “she answers every email I have sent thoroughly and quickly” “the internship coordinator Amber Wilson is the absolute best person I have ever met” Students call […]

Casanova/McCann Community Engagement Awards 2019

Casanova // McCann is a total marketing company specializing in the Hispanic market. We’ve been in business for over three decades. Always here in California. Although, today we have offices in New York, Detroit, and Dallas as well. Casanova McCann got involved with Cal State Fullerton seven or eight years ago by an invitation from […]

Advice from a 49-year marriage

(soft rock music) – We dated for seven years before we got married. And we have been married for 49 years. (soft piano music) When things get really hard we generally end up figuring out something funny about it or whatever. And that’s not to say that we live in this pollyanna world where we […]

The Holiday Cables Throw Crochet Along, VIDEO #2 by Bonnie Barker

okay this is Bonnie Barker and I want to welcome you to video number two on the holiday cables thro crochet along let me just do a quick review of the first video we covered the foundation chain we covered the low front Ridge and we covered the two rows of the cable stitch so […]

The Holiday Cables Throw Crochet Along, VIDEO #1 by Bonnie Barker

hi I'm Bonnie Barker with Bonnie calm and this is video one on crocheting the holiday cables throw by Bonnie Parker this is again courtesy of red heart yarns as far as the pattern goes but you can choose whichever yarn you would like to crochet this with I'm going to just show you I'm […]

Is The Secret To A Happy Marriage In Your DNA?

one of the things that's a challenge in understanding how something as simple and small as a gene can affect something that's complicated as human behavior is that it takes a long time for those effects to be manifest and we had been doing a study of marriages that we started 20 years ago we […]