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Off Grid Log Cabin: Alone with my Dog in an Ice Storm

Did I wake you up? I have a feeling you are going to sleep up on this couch aren’t you? is that what you’re planning You are going through a lot of food today Cali That’s fair. Two thirds for me one-third for you, okay? I’m done I’m having mine you’ve been very patient. That’s […]

WE CAUGHT A MOOSE!! Adley Learns to Feed Animals at the Family Cabin (first time for Niko)

Everything That’s Wrong with Weddings (feat. Emmy Blotnick & Matteo Lane) – You Up w/ Nikki Glaser

– How are you guys? Good morning. – I have bags under my eyes– – No, you don’t! You– you look fresh– – And I fully wore that foundation under my eyes, which is too dark– – No. – –so I look like– like an old Greek woman who’s, like– – You don’t. – –yelling […]

Meet #Vanlife’s Cutest Couple | Outside

– Hi, I’m Janna Irons. – And I am Johnny Stifter. – And we have been travelling in a van for a year. – And his name is Shaquille. Shaq. (they chuckle) (uplifting music) – So I used to be an editor at Surfer magazine, and John was an editor at Powder magazine, and we […]

When You’re A Couple With Trust Issues

♫ Watch you leave me ♫ By your side ♫ Is what I want to be, what I wanna be baby ♫ No surprise ♫ Love you like a new upon me ♫ I’m falling for you ♫ – [Guy On Right] Hey, Will. – Hey, how we doing, Scott? – [Scott] Good. – Good. […]

Married Couple Leave Suburbia for a Converted Sprinter Van

Hi, I’m Emily and I’m Joe and we’re Permanent Road Trip. Prior to moving into this van Joe spent 20 plus years pretty much in corporate finance and I spent about the same amount of time in nonprofit. After 20-some years we were each at pretty senior positions at our organizations so when we made […]

CAMPING IN A MAGICAL PLACE | married lesbian couple | Angelis & Nina

so guys we’re gonna go camping this leaky again and we are going to take you with us but before I want to show it how our car looks like when we go camping look at this hi baby what do you have in your shoes baby characters let’s try emotional and it’s like no […]


He gave it to my daughter, Lassie. He proposed to me. They proposed on the river seaside Hey, jet packs are really cool. Hey Can we keep these? This is such a cool way to travel! I see our campsite. So, do we need to set up for the wedding? No, I think our campsite […]

You NEED to visit THESE LAKES in Interlaken- Switzerland |Visitando lagos de ensueño en Suiza🏞

[Música] i [Música] les voy a mostrar la vista de hoy [Música] en medio de las montañas [Música] e [Música] d y [Música] hola a todos como están hoy me encuentro en interlaken una ciudad con una belleza clásica en un entorno natural y bueno esta ciudad está entre los lagos y por supuesto vamos […]