Monogamish: The new rules of marriage | Jessica O’Reilly | TEDxVancouver

Translator: Johannes Duschner Reviewer: Ivana Krivokuća Wow, hello, everyone. I’m going to put down my phone, and totally resist the urge to snap a selfie to prove I was actually here. As Riaz said, my name is Jessica O’Reilly, and I am a sexologist. A sexologist is, in fact, a real thing. Do you believe […]

Tyler Shaw talks New Album, Married Life, and Shawn Mendes

Hey Western! Sofia Rodriguez here for Western TV, and today, we’re at London Music Hall, where Tyler Shaw is kicking off his Intuition tour. We got the pleasure to sit down with the platinum-selling singer-songwriter. So let’s go check it out! So your second album: Intuition, it’s really intimate! Um, and I want to ask […]

Which Countries Allow Same-Sex Marriage?

In April 2015, the US territory of Guam lifted their ban on same-sex marriage. This puts them ahead of at least 13 US states which still have laws on the books preventing equal marriage for all. In fact, the issues of gay rights, including marriage, have become increasingly relevant in just the past few years, […]

Happy Marriage in 21 Languages

Hi Iti and Yus! All the best for you guys and a lot of happiness in your life I wish you all happiness in the future, Congratulation on your wedding, all happiness, love, peace. Iti and Yus, everything best for your marriage, all of happy years with your husband. Everything based from Gold Coast, Australia […]

Advice for Men Questioning Marriage | Jordan B Peterson

how does it become corrupt and for a person to avoid the dangers of the postmodern neo-marxist ideologies and not enroll would you agree the same that applies to the Institute of marriage with laws as they are no I wouldn’t say that I guess partly because I don’t understand what the alternative is I […]

Laneway House Tour in Vancouver! | My First House In My Married Life | Love Story

Hi guys! So I just finished like moving all our things to my new house I would love to show you guys this house before we actually leave this house for good so without further ado, let’s have a house tour Come on in! So usually this is the pathway that we will be using […]

Hugo Alley – No Destination [Official Video]

traveling this much was a mistake

你好,Tangerineys。我们今天要做什么?我们起得太早了。凌晨4点 不。我们需要停止预订这些早期航班。但是我们要去 加拿大。我们要去 稍候…加拿大? (坎昆机场) 你好,你好吗? 好的谢谢你。 好吧,祝你旅途愉快!谢谢。 我可以看看你的护照和登机牌吗? 你的随身携带一直伴随着你吗?是。 除了食品和饮料,你今天在机场买东西了吗?没有。 有人给你带回家的东西吗? 那就是全部。谢谢。谢谢。 听起来我们正在起飞。你太荒谬了! (通过对讲机说话) 所以我们的三个航班中的第一个非常棒! 我们的行中有两个窗户,可以看到加勒比地区。 您可以从最佳观景点看到坎昆的酒店区。 这只是一个长达两个半小时的飞往亚特兰大的航班。 美国佐治亚州亚特兰大。 我预订这个航班时搞砸了,我预订了9个小时的停留时间 在亚特兰大。这甚至不是第一个错误。 第一个错误是我们必须在凌晨4点醒来但是继续…… (两个咯咯地笑) 所以, 幸运的是,我们有一张信用卡,可让我们以较低的价格或至少在Delta休息室付费使用休息室。 所以,我们支付了29块钱(29美元)一个人来这里,这对于长期停留非常值得。 是的,有小吃,食物,饮料,咖啡,茶,浴室,Wi-Fi; 有史以来最快的Wi-Fi …… 永远! 另一个很酷的事情是,除了机场的这些令人敬畏的景色, 这个机场有7个Delta Sky Club休息室,您可以访问所有这些休息室, 虽然这个特殊的没有淋浴设施,但有两个,所以我们可以清理。 (Maddie嘲笑乔丹)有两个人 – 你喜欢唱歌。 Jordan Singing:有两个人这样做 我今天早上没有洗澡,所以我可以利用它。 没有?所以我必须在这里保持安静,因为 对我们来说是一个惊喜,现在这个休息室正在举行现场婚礼。 根据,我相信,区域经理(某种或那种),这是在Delta休息室发生的第一次 我们听到的故事是Cody和Sarah在机场相遇。令我们惊讶的是,在休息室的时间, 一个小时过去了9个小时,但随后我们收到了Delta应用程序的通知 这不是好消息。在我们的初步飞行计划中, 我们在明尼阿波利斯机场只有35分钟的时间到达下一班飞往温尼伯的航班。 我们收到了通知 说我们从亚特兰大到明尼阿波利斯的航班必须在风暴周围改道,这造成了很大的延误。 而不是35分钟的停留。我们现在只需几分钟 我们幸运地得到了出口排,它把我们放在了门口。 乔丹喜欢退出排,因为它有更多的腿部空间。 我个人讨厌它,因为 […]

"Travel with me" カナダ国内旅行!モントリオールへ | Montreal, Canada

you got I don't know what to do for another five hours well I'm not that confident so to go to Sydney and then came back here on time so I'm not gonna take a chance but yeah I should probably you know what there is a there's a flight at 655 and I should […]

Justin Trudeau becomes first Canadian PM to visit a gay bar