Prime Minister Trudeau delivers remarks commemorating the 75th anniversary of the Dieppe Raid

Hello everyone. Thank you for being here on this day that gives us a feeling of both sadness and pride. And thank you, Lieutenant-Colonel Gauthier, for that beautiful introduction. Distinguished veterans, dear delegation members, dear friends, it is an honour to be here with you at the National War Memorial and Tomb of the Unknown […]

Convention Centre 1 Year Anniversary – My Halifax – Things To Do In Halifax

Hi guys and welcome to this week’s My Halifax. My name is Adam Cooper. If you’re new to our Youtube channel we make videos about all the cool things you can do in and around Halifax. This time last year the World Trade Centre opened for the first time. It’s been a really cool spot, […]

Happy Anniversary (trailer)

Happy Anniversary! Oh, ah, I forgot. No, that’s okay. Oh, a sweater! You always look so good in red. It’s not grey? No, obviously. Diane, I’m colorblind. I can’t see red. I got your favorite dessert. Chocolate cake. But, I prefer vanilla. Huh.

Quebec and Alberta need counselling | 22 Minutes

Quebec’s mad at Alberta, Alberta’s mad at Quebec, in fact, the two provinces are seeking counselling as they enter into a separation agreement. To tell us more, I’m joined by Quebec and Alberta. Hello. How’s it goin’. Hey don’t turn the heat up, that’s expensive. Don’t be so cheap I deserve to be warm. Put […]


Asalam Alekum! Well friends & viewers, how are you all? As you all knew that I make videos YouTube & Face Book & share it. Today, before starting my topic, it is a request that if you love my work/video, so, please like it as well as subscribe & notify my channel to get my […]

Spousal Sponsorship Experience. Philippines to Canada.

Hi Guys! My name is Fressy and Welcome to my channel. In this video, I will share with you my experience regarding spousal sponsorship So, I’ve been here in Canada for three weeks. I came here last March 28, 2019. I am sponsored by my husband in order to be here in Canada. So what […]

How to Host a Citizenship Ceremony

I decided that this is the place that I wanted to stay for sure with my family. Now I am officially a Canadian citizen, oh my God! I’m filled with joy. In my soul I am very happy. … Being a Canadian in my life I promise that I will love Canada no matter what. […]

What to expect from a Canadian Spousal Sponsorship Interview?

Welcome everybody to our YouTube channel today I’m making a video on the 10 tips for spousal sponsorship interviews so if you have submitted an application to sponsor your partner to Canada sometimes the embassy or the High Commission will send a letter saying that the applicant, the person being sponsored has to come in […]

Showcase on Community Engagement at Concordia

We find ourselves at Concordia right in the middle of the city we sit on top of the Guy-Concordia Metro station and the city moves underneath us and I think Concordia is very much a place that sees itself as having emerged out of the city what you see in the university is attentiveness to […]