Marshmello & Anne-Marie – FRIENDS (Lyric Video) *OFFICIAL FRIENDZONE ANTHEM*

Ohhh oh ohhh woh , oh ohhh ohh woh, Oooo oooo Oooo ohh Woh you say you love me I say you CRAZY We’re nothing more than friends. You’re not my lover. More like a brother, I know you since we were like ten… Yeah, don’t mess it up, talking that shit, Only gonna push […]

Lil Scrappy and Bambi Host Their 90's Baby Shower!

CJ SO COOL Pregnant Fiancee Royalty Starts New Cosmetics Line!

no where's my followers ex I want you to guys go follow my new page royalty of Queens my new line is coming out guys can't wait to share it all with you guys see you guys start purchasing my stuff got my own bundles here yes honey got our frontals over here Oh Indian […]

Jessica Dime Out Shopping With Her Fiancee Shawne Williams and Baby Blessing!

[Muziek] ik ga ik op mijn rug ik ga ik hem er deur moet je daar shooters van dat met company en er vijf voor en netjes veere veere laat ik zeggen [Muziek] [Applaus] [Muziek]

Taraji P Henson Is Reportedly Pregnant By Her Fiancee Kelvin Hayden!

[Música] [Música] [Música] o qué y y i [Música] es más bien [Aplausos] en esa medida es vivir al detalle y [Música] o e ah [Música] y [Música]

Keyshia Cole & Niko Khale Host Their Baby Shower On A Yacht! 🛥

no you need to put gas in this big old truck the whip [Applause] you couldn't bother because couldn't remember what we were saying [Applause] so look into this little IQ but chip not your belly I was very sad although you though I love you cut that

Man and SIX Rescue Dogs Travel The Country In His RV | The Dodo

how many dogs would rescue today six dude look at you you're free puppy I always kind of bitch in my mind to show my dogs a huge adventure all around the country I just thought it would be further down the road that's not sure there was no dogs in here no not one […]


you started hey guys its Dee hey Keith and we're here with another video but the next week we'll be told you guys would do a video every week and we're doing on every week so this week we're gonna do the twerking challenge don't work cute I'm going to teach my white Beyonce how […]

A prom GRWM but it’s a huge mess

lock the sock nice I just woke up guys and I don't like this hi this is what YouTube video bluffing is your but I say just just leave it at all today's my prom it's 27 degrees guys discussed in already till my hair does not look good for that yeah there did my […]