Be Ready To Receive | Motivated

– Everything you’re going through is God preparing you for what you asked for. If it’s a man… The lack of man, is preparing you for one. I’ll tell you a true story, man. I knew this girl, who was a friend of mine. She was dating this married guy. I said, how can you […]

Introduction to the Spouse Education and Career Opportunities Program

Spouse Education and Career Opportunities is a program offered through the Department of Defense Office of Military Community and Family Policy. The program works hand in hand with the services to promote spouse education and employment resources and assist military spouses from all branches of service in achieving their career and education goals. Let’s explore […]

Money Mistakes in Your 20s & Honest Advice 💸 Student Loans, Saving, Spending

hey everybody Jen here and I want to talk about a topic that if you’re not already interested in it you definitely should because it’ll affect your a whole life and that is money so I am now in my 30s so compared to some of you watching I might be a dinosaur but I […]

Career Planning : How to Become a Wedding Planner

Hi, my name is Stacie Royer, and I’m a Career Specialist from Austin, Texas. I’m going to talk to you today about becoming a wedding planner. The first thing that you’ll need to know about yourself is that you’re creative and very organized. You’ll have to prepare budgets and processes, and you’ll need those organizational […]

Jullien Gordon on How Getting Married Changes Your Life

Erik Michielsen: How has married life been different than you expected it would be? Jullien Gordon: Oh, man. Well, we lived together for about two years before we got married. So not much changed. We were—we see our wedding as an affirmation of what already existed. It was just a celebration of what already was. […]

How Getting Married Changes Your Life

Erik Michielsen: How has getting married changed your life? Audrey Parker: Well, it’s not my life anymore. My life is now me and my husband. It’s a completely — I mean to the point where I — I could’ve thought that I could know what this would be like and yet until I’ve gone through […]