Hurricane Dorian damaged this Bahamian family’s house, now they wait for help

With three bedrooms, two bathrooms, the water key and like I say from the back side of the house. So we got maybe on 18 inches of water. Everything was touched by the solid water cabinets, flooring. There was the arena was lowest touched by the water. But we clean up as much as we […]

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How did we Come to Australia? Malayalam vlog by travel and cooking..

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Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort Curacao – A destination of its own…

These Bridesmaids are Fire 😅

Sanwa star yo come and like help on earth with them at temperature one big open herself welcome back to the channel yeah gets born our boy you where Rita white already group it in which white opinions that were deeper would flog them or come up which way our concern let's respond to flog […]

Top 10 Family Holiday Destinations

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