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Urlaubsbedürftig Wenn das Leben stressig wird… Musst du Urlaub machen… Also pack' deine Sachen… Runter! Wenn du weg bist, geschieht folgendes… Und wenn du zurückkommst… Als ob du nie weggewesen wärst…

How to travel faster than light

You don’t have to be much of a science enthusiastto have heard that you can’t go faster than light. Well, I’m going to tell you at least oneway that two real, honest-to-god objects, that exist in our universe, can move awayfrom one another faster than the speed of light. Now, don’t get super excited. I’m […]

VET VISIT GONE WRONG!!! cat attacks veterinarian

all right so I'm in it what I'm gonna do because of the nature of his a jerk we'll give him his distemper first that would be that I'll do whatever exam I can do that he's allowed okay but you don't have anything specific you have concerns about that we need to address okay […]

10 Marriage Proposal FAILS

Fiancé and Fiancée

hello if you watched either of our introductions then you probably heard us mentioning our fiancé's so here we are together because we haven't been in same place at the moment which is Beth Ock's where I live and not sending what I live no of course that Essex is a tale or that swindon […]

10 Wedding FAILS