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We’re spending 24 hours in the car Okay, so it is about we’re almost at 7 a.m.. In the morning I think we’re going to go get some breakfast and start off this challenge That way we can end with breakfast tomorrow morning at our house. Hopefully Yep, so no, maybe like hard for the […]

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Shalom guys! I hope your days been good but better watch this video today Is going to be a super exciting video but before we get started make sure you turn on your spanish switch right now because as you guys can see by the title we are going to be doing 24 hours speaking […]

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Let’s do it. Oo. For any of you that missed the first episode, we’re to do a quick little recap. Yay. Brittany, take it away. In the first episode, my character, Julia Bechley. Discovers that her father, a fertility doctor, actually impregnated many women at his practice, using his own genetic material. Material. Without bothering […]

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(lively music) – Hi guys, welcome back to – The YouTube Family! – Today we’re going to be doing the family fitness challenge. – But before we get started, this video is sponsored by Beachbody. – And today we’re gonna focus on the program called Double Time. Beachbody is also the creator of other awesome […]