Vladi Strecker – M (House Mix) *k~kat chill café* Vloppers Bride

[Música] bien [Música] sí [Música] 2 sí 2 [Música] y [Música] o [Música] bien [Música] tiene y [Música] a [Música] e por qué [Música] hola [Música] y [Música] e [Música] o [Música]

PTXPERIENCE – Pentatonix: The World Tour 2019 (Episode 8)

oh wow we should do this tonight we should do this tonight dude what do I got missed of course [Applause] [Applause] are you there goats everywhere oh my god women so fast that one's look yes man little baby this is the hungry one this is the Scott of the goats I feel like […]

King Holiday – King Dream Chorus and Holiday Crew

Groom surprises bride with singing at wedding

PTXPERIENCE – Pentatonix: The World Tour 2019 (Episode 6)

[Applause] so my older brother and my cousin somersaults I was I was trying to be like them you know I was trying to cool sounds like I could do that I was young I remember like going to start with somersault right lasse is by Bob of a grandmother but now they're like so […]

"ROYAL WEDDING" — A Bad Lip Reading

so how many animals would you say you could probably kill think I've kept count absolutely 1693 giraffes you're right not yet do you need a pen why would I need a pen I'm not sure [Applause] I think she's brilliant Harry and Megan who is your favorite Harry Potter character Hagrid Hagrid not correct […]

"How To Determine Who To Marry" Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr. (Powerful)

PTXPERIENCE – Pentatonix: The World Tour 2019 (Episode 1)

oh you're asking me how rehearsals math rehearsals are so amazing you know who they are going as well as they can I think we're really pulling it together well flew rehearsals were quite okay all right no okay all right all right irbaz were good I know I messed up a bunch but we'll […]