The Best Night of Our Lives // Knoxville, TN Wedding Film // Brielle & Patrick

One word to describe Brielle Hoffman would be favor, the favor of an Almighty God is on you. I’ve never seen you walk in a room that you didn’t light up. What I know about favour of God is that favor is something that has been paid for. Your whole life you’re reaping the benefit […]

Holy Matrimony

www.holy is the place where you can find your life partner, build new God’s families with the will of God.

OUR WEDDING VIDEO | Vows that will make you cry

my darling name my queen today we become one with your love and support I've grown into more a man in the last four years and I ever imagined I would become in a lifetime I'm proud of the person that I am I have you to thank you know how I can become overwhelmed […]

I Choose You {The Wedding Song} // Ryann Darling Original // On iTunes & Spotify

Wedding | First Look | Bride + Groom

Traditional Jewish wedding

Our Wedding | Kaelin and Kyrah

marriage is an act of faith a personal commitment as well as moral and physical union between two people marriage has been described as the best and the most important relationship that can exist between two people and it is a construction of their love and trust in a single growing energy of spiritual life […]