Advice on Marriage and Parenting – Bob Jennings

Tim Conway: You know after having been a father to five children… just one more left at home… looking back, what would you tell all these young parents that just… they are newlyweds, they don’t have children yet or they’re thinking about marriage… they’re just trying to figure out the right woman or the right […]

My Bottom Line Key to a Successful Marriage

We see many articles with three, five or 15 keys to a happy or successful marriage. I’m going to share with you one bottom line key that I heard from a long time married husband many years ago. I heard a nugget of truth years ago during an interview with a couple who’ve been married […]

John’s Premarital Advice to LeToya Luckett: Fight for Your Marriage | Book of John Gray | OWN

This is what partnership looks like. [INAUDIBLE] and I have been asked by Tommy and Latoya to counsel them in the days leading up to their nuptials. Matter of fact, look at each other right now. I need you to say this. Say babe. Babe. You are not my enemy. You not my enemy. We […]

Ask A Christian 2 – Secrets Of Happy Marriage

So I see that you’re married, right? I am. So tell me about…in your marriage… What’s something that really worked well for you between you and your wife, what’s something that you guys do that other couples should emulator or other couples should copy that really works well with you and your wife well the […]

A Couple Gets Candid About the Lack of Intimacy in Their Marriage | Book of John Gray | OWN

So, tell me your story. Well, Aaron and I actually met in high school. During the course of that time, we got a yearbook. And so I left a little note in there, and I told her that maybe one day she’ll be my girl. And what did you think when he wrote that? I […]

Cultivating a Healthy Marriage

I think every one of us who is married recognizes how vitally important it is to maintain a healthy and happy marriage relationship. If you don’t do that, it could end in divorce, or it could just be lifelong drudgery, misery with this other person. It’s in your own best self-interest to try to cultivate […]

John and Aventer Counsel a Couple With Trust Issues In Their Marriage | Book of John Gray | OWN

[PIANO MUSIC] Tell me about your trust issues. They couldn’t have just started if there’s no reason for it. Have you ever cheated? No, I have not. We did have one person come to us for a fashion shoot, and my wife felt like she disrespected the marriage. How did you feel like– Well, because […]

Reasons For Marriage 💍 Why We Got Married

In our last talk video about marriage we went over six reasons why it’s not a good idea to marry for happiness. Well, if not for happiness, what the heck else is there to even get married for? In this video, we’re going to talk about why we got married. Most people in the world […]

The Story of Ian and Larissa

Ian and Larissa asked me to read a couple of quotes from a man named John Piper who is a well-known Bible teacher and he talks about marriage and how this mystery refers to Christ and the church and he says this “Marriage is not mainly about prospering economically It is mainly about displaying the […]

Marriage Advice: Get Into the Mess with Her

– We had a woman stand up at one of our conferences and she just, she listened to what Gary was talking about and she said, “You know, let me just put it this way. “I’m a woman and I problem solve 24 hours a day, seven days a week.” How many of you women […]