Last Minute Christmas Decor Ideas! 10 Creative DIY Christmas Decorations and Christmas Hacks

There we go! These merry room decorations will surely impress Jessica! Shiny Christmas lights here and there always does the job! You sure did light up the Christmas vibe here, buddy! As long as she doesn’t look at urgh this pillow… I don’t think your fashionista girlfriend will be impressed… Where the Christmas lights nothing […]

Christmas Tree Decoration | Watch This BEFORE You Decorate Your Tree | CHRISTMAS DECOR IDEAS 2019

Paper Star,Mini Gift Boxes, Cotton, String Light Link is given in description for how to make Paper Stars. Link is given below in description for how to make mini gift boxes.

Christmas Home Tour 2018 | FARMHOUSE STYLE CHRISTMAS DECOR | Minimalist Christmas Decorations

Hey everyone, it’s Lisa from the blog and today I’m excited to bring you around our home for Christmas 2018. So this video that I’m doing today is in collaboration with several of my other YouTube friends. And we are all gonna be sharing our home, part of it, all of it, for Christmas. […]

Catalogue 2016/17 by IPB Decoration

/Marketing Director/ It is with great pleasure that we present the latest IPB catalogue for season 2016/2017, featuring christmas decorations and illuminations. /DESIGNER/ Many people, including the design department, contributed to this catalogue. We are proud to show you our well-known projects as well as over 250 new elements. /Product Engineer/ We have applied higher […]

12 DIY Barbie Hacks and Crafts – Barbie Christmas Decorations Ideas

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🔵 WALMART Christmas 2019 Decorations Haul! – 2019 Vlogmas Day 1! 🎄

Hello everyone and welcome to Sheryl Speaks: The Series. Today we have a Christmas haul! Hi everybody welcome to Sheryl Speaks: The Series, today we have a Christmas haul. I just went shopping for Christmas and I wanted to show you guys what I got so one of the first things that I got was […]

Easy To Make Christmas Decorations – How To Make Fabric Tinsel

Hi I’m Linda from Sewing Bee Fabrics. I want to show you how you can really spruce up your Christmas tree by making some fabric tinsel. So first of all what you want is a pile of knit fabric scraps. Now I’m gonna use baby clothes because th you can get loads of different patterns […]

Christmas Decoration from Waste Plastic Bottle: DIY Christmas Bell Decoration Craft Ideas!

How to Make a Beautiful Christmas Bell using empty Plastic Bottles This is a best out of waste Christmas decoration idea Things You Need… Scissors, Cutter, Craft Wire, Golden Metallic Colors, Ribbons, Glitter, Plastic Bottle Christmas Bells, Baubles, Stars, Thermocol Balls, Green Tape,Adhesive, Brushes, Pencil, Scale, Color Sheets Take a plastic bottle and cut it […]

DIY Christmas Mistletoe Decoration

the last trip Bethan I trimmed some trees and we noticed how much mistletoe we have in the oak trees she had a great idea about harvesting some of it and packaging up some of the mistletoe to share with family and friends and then we decided we’re gonna also bag some mistletoe up and […]