Holly Jolly Christmas Tag | Married Couple Edition| Musings of a Fox

Bonjour tout le monde and welcome to musings of Fox. For this holly-jolly tag I have co-opted my husband into doing this with me because it’s been like I think it’s like 25th no 26 video darn yeah and I thought it would be fun to do this with him so yeah. Too bad it’s […]


alright welcome to our vlog the first thing im doing is opening this uh package from my parents i told them to get me the most simple things possible oooooo i was actually gonna get some shaving cream but i didnt get it cause im cheap (quiet laughter) my favorite too this is all stuff […]

How to Stay Healthy During The Holidays | Tips & Tricks!

hey girls it's Katy I cannot even believe next week is Thanksgiving so crazy it came so fast this year the holidays can be a super stressful time for a lot of people I don't know about you but my schedule is already getting packed the different parties events travel a little insane and I […]

Perfect Prime Rib – Easiest Prime Rib Recipe Ever! – Holiday Prime Rib of Beef

Holiday Card Series 2015 – Day 19

Hi everyone, Kristina here! Welcome to Day 19 ofthe Holiday Card Series. Today I'm going to be doing some painting using masking tape. I'm not going to be using any stamps for the images on this card. I will use a stamp for the greeting and I'll tell you what stamp set that is when […]

HOME ALONE 1 & 2 – The Kill Counter: Holiday Special (aka The Trap Counter!)

Team Fortress 2: Moments with Heavy – Heavy's Retarded Holiday

calculating calculating my name's Alice do you know what suck the head means it's about eating you do that again I'll knock you grab the pistol and go I got this for you Frank West I've covered Wars you just like mom used to make all right hey uh you hold up they look over […]


hey guys alright so that's not like a cheerleader hey guys alright so I am back here i JD tries to salon because your girl needs help alright so I've been trying to do to watch it go by myself it's not really working so I have come back to none other than the curl […]

Corpse Bride {Halloween Makeup Tutorial} ♥ – AUDFACED

you you mean yeah this top romantic tutorial have you adorn yourself as Emily from sim Burton's corpse bride begin with a clean refreshed face to help smooth your skin take a cool ice cube and wrap it in a tab napkin massage your face we'll go into the ice cube notes this will close […]