Navigating Callings Within a Marriage

– [Erik Thoennes] I think all Christians are called not just to be disciples but to be ministers, and I think the details of what that calling looks like can vary throughout our lives. And so, I’m not someone who thinks that there’s a clear biblical teaching on a calling, but I think we need […]

Why You Can’t Always Get Closure In Ministry

Should Pastor seek resolution when friends leave the church or people leave the church and if so how? I would say that I would hope that any pastor that has people leaving or has people who have left would be able to point back and say that he pursued them, that he was reaching out […]

What to Do When Your Spouse Is Struggling With Depression

– [Ryan Griffith] David, I’d love to hear from you as you all suffered together through Shona’s period of depression. What kinds of lessons did you learn as a husband that you might pass on to others who might have a spouse who’s wrestling with depression? – [David Murray] Yes. I was very ignorant. I […]

How to Prioritize Your Spouse in Ministry

When we get out of seminary we have great zeal, great vision, for the church that we’re going to pastor. We have all these ideas that are going around our heads and it’s kind of like a new parent, you know, my kid is going to be that perfect kid. They’re the ones that are […]

Marshmello – Here With Me Feat. CHVRCHES [Alternative Music Video]

Can I tell you something just between you and me? When I hear your voice, I know I’m finally free Every single word is perfect as it can be And I need you here with me When you lift me up, I know that I’ll never fall I can speak to you by saying nothing […]

Grace Kelly Royal Wedding to Prince Rainer III (1956) | British Pathé

after all the fever of publicity the acres of newsprint the fashion oats and the jewel robberies the great day approaches at last when Grace Kelly of Philadelphia USA will become the bride of Renier Prince of Monaco wedding gifts have come from all over the world gifts in gold and silver jewelry and fine […]

Tim and Kathy Keller | Marriage in Gospel Focus | TGCW12

Kathy and I write wrote a book together we act kathleen's referring to the fact that most of the time that when I've been writing books I read them out loud to Kathy at least the manuscripts and we argue over the exact words when it came to this book since we were both writing […]


hi there I'm Reverend Thomas Johnson and we're here for a wedding at rock springs for gun little catfishing after this Reverend Thomas Johnson wedding officiants of Atlanta thank you


this is Reverend Thomas Johnson at the beautiful Sun Sun wood chapel which is now a great wedding venue here in Gwinnett County you can see the old chimney from where the parsonage used to stand and of course here is the ceremonial fountain it's just gorgeous here and I'll be beginning the ceremony in […]