History of Diamond Engagement Rings | History Of | Racked

It’s the most wonderful time of year. Oh no, not that. I’m talking about Facebook engagement season. Everyone you know is getting engaged literally right this second and they’re all posting the same photo: the ring. But if Facebook existed 100 years ago, those rings probably wouldn’t have had diamonds. One of the first recorded […]

Meet the Rocker We Gave a MAJOR Makeover Weeks Before His Wedding! | Rachael Ray Show

The first thing we’re gonna do is flip a look. That’s why I have my friend, Kyan Douglas here. Can you guess… (audience clapping) Can ya guess who’s look we might be flipping? (laughing) This is Dan. Dan the man here, is going to step up to plate. He’s gonna get married to Maria, in […]

I Got My Closet Professionally Organized

Hello, friends! And welcome to another video. This week, I’m gonna be getting my closet professionally organized. That’s right! We’re gonna Marie Kondo (cleaning god) this biatch. So, as you guys may know, a few months ago I had a crew of professional organizers from Practically Perfect L.A. help me declutter and reorganize my makeup […]

The Family Goes Shopping For Homer | Season 31 Ep. 2 | THE SIMPSONS

[theme music] OK, which of these ties is better for my first day as a mentor– purple stripes or this one? [sniffing] Are you wearing my perfume? I like it on you. He’ll like it on me. Dad, it’s not often that you– how do I put this– care so much about your job? Well, […]

6 Things You Should Never Wear To A Wedding

After senior prom, there are only a few true occasions to dress up in formalwear. You might get to attend a captain’s dinner on a cruise ship or the occasional professional gala, but the most likely reason you’ll have to get gussied up is RSVP-ing yes to someone’s wedding. Even if you’re not in the […]

Corinne’s Wedding Dress How To!

Hey, Thread Heads. Well, I’m officially a married woman, woo, and I wanted to share with you how I made my DIY wedding dress, just in case you were interested in making your own version of it. It could work for a prom dress. It could work for a wedding dress. It could work for […]

Fashion & Style Tips : What to Wear to a Beach Formal Wedding

Hi, my name is Rachel and I’m the owner of of Austin Style watch .com street fashion site and I’m also a freelance fashion reporter. Today we’re going to talk about how to dress for a formal beach wedding. So, all bets are kind of off for a beach wedding its not your normal church […]

How I Tried To Fit Into My Wedding Dress

– [Man] What’s wrong? – My dress doesn’t fit. – [Man] This is very tragic. Why doesn’t it fit? Are you gonna get it fixed? Okay. (techno music) – Here’s my nipple. – [Man] Are you saying no to the dress? – I’m keeping the dress. It was very expensive and I love it. I […]

Wedding Dresses Across Asia

(“Mink and Shoes” by Psychemagik)

Secret to marriage? Couple matches outfit for nearly 70 years

promise me we’ll still be sweethearts after graduation every note and every outfit harmonized well my mother bought us matching t-shirts when we were in high school I picked him out and so we’ve matched ever since Francis and rosemary Clontz met in junior high in Auburn Washington and I thought she was a cutest […]