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Ayia Napa Girls Holiday 2019 Vlog Part Two | Amber and Emily

welcome to welcome today David is a party poppers pool party expensive investment on the island is meant to be good all right oh you're funny and we know someone's going which should be cool I have to go and try and finesse my hat back although it's not finessing when it's my hat but […]

Getting Married | Naomi Neo's Wedding Solemnization

hi guys I am finally back with a new video after two months and I am really sorry for my absence I was trying to take some time off to deal and cope with some personal issues so I hope you guys understand that path and from the title of this video I'm sure you […]

Trying Prom Dresses Under $20! From WISH!

Affordable Prom Makeup, Hair & Dress + GIVEAWAY

hi guys welcome back so now for you a makeup tutorial perfect for prom or any of these special events are coming up like graduation weddings all that fun stuff so I hope you guys enjoy stick to the end because there's a special surprise let's jump right into the mix as always all the […]

Ayia Napa Girls Holiday 2019 Vlog Part One | Amber and Emily

Shocking Punk Rocker Turned Into Stunner | Snog Marry Avoid


hi guys it's Audrey and in today's video my siblings are going to be shopping for my Christmas outfit so we're gonna go to the mall they're gonna pick out the outfit without me looking we're gonna come back home and reveal what they picked out so let's go okay so we're at the mall […]

HOLIDAY PREP WITH ME | Nails, Fake Tan, Packing Ect!

I just got the shower as you can probably tell and I'm statements logoff looking not very presentable today I'm gonna be well not actually to say I'm gonna be blogging for the next like three days I'm doing like a holy prep vlog and things I'm gonna be doing to prepare for my holiday […]