Inside the Turbulent Marriage of the Missing Connecticut Mother of 5 The New York Times

Inside the Turbulent Marriage of the Missing Connecticut Mother of 5 The New York Times Threats of kidnapping and violence. Concerns about the safety of children. The bitter divorce involving Jennifer Dulos, missing for nearly two weeks, is detailed in court documents. [What you need to know to start the day: .] He threatened to […]

After 23 years of marriage, Connecticut husband, wife both come out as gay

 Sunday’s Pride parade was a family affair for one Connecticut man, who came out of the closet after 23 years of marriage — and also learned that his ex-wife and youngest son were also gay  Donning a homemade tiara, Bruce Downer said he’s never felt better after divulging the secret he kept for more than […]

Changing the name after marriage – How this affects your relationship, life and green card ?

Hello guys ! This is Anka and you are watching Ask Anka. Today I want to talk about changing the name after marriage and how this affects your relationship, life and green card. First thing you have to do is to speak with your partner about how you want to change your name or not […]

I Share My Husband With My Boyfriend | EXTREME LOVE

BELLA: Yeah! I’m like, “No, I want both of you guys right now”, and yeah! BELLA: I’m Bella. This is Ken, my husband, and this is Daniel, my boyfriend. KEN: When I said, I’d been married a little over ten years, and the three of us have been together almost five? BELLA: Almost five years, […]

10 Best Travel Destinations in Connecticut USA

I Can't Marry You, You're Boring! (The Jerry Springer Show)

all right Perry says he's hoping to charm his way into his girlfriend's hard hurry what's going on damn 18-year old man that's madly in love with my girlfriend oh good for you how long have you been going with her about a year and one day oh wow so yesterday was your anniversary yes […]


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Real Girlfriend Vs. Online Girlfriend (The Jerry Springer Show)

tonight so so why are you here then oh I'm here today to let her know this is not cool you you you do not lie to me you told me what's gonna talk to her yeah and I talked to him and you we gonna fight like not on our show okay so what […]