Alanna Heiss and MoMA PS1’s anniversary show, FORTY | ARTIST STORIES

Bob: Sometimes I think that what we do is very primitive. I have a stick with hair on the end of it. The same way it was, you know, 50,000 years ago. It hasn’t changed very much. Alanna: I think we’ve got to do that. I think it’s gonna be beautiful there. Man: It’s gonna […]

Move Me Soul’s 10th Anniversary Celebration

Good afternoon, everybody. How are we doing? All right. So, my name is Gibran Villalobos and I’m the partnerships and engagement liaison for the Museum of Contemporary Art, and tonight, we have a community program that’s been coauthored with Move Me Soul as part of our ongoing work with grassroots organizations throughout Chicago. Today’s program […]

Rituals of Labor and Engagement: Carolina Caycedo and Mario Ybarra Jr.

I I live in East LA, I live in Boyle Heights; and I really feel at home in LA, you know as a Latina immigrant immigrant with privileges of course, I must say that. I’m always very inspired and sparked by the diversity of peoples and cultural production, the strength of all the social struggle […]


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