Sprinklr Social Publishing and Engagement 2018

Sprinklr Social Publishing and Engagement offers an integrated system for managing content across more than 25 channels. Customizable streams in Engagement Dashboards let your team view the content they need and respond to conversations in real time. Sprinklr’s Rule Engine can automatically route and prioritize messages to the right team members. With Sprinklr’s global publisher, […]

Marketing on TikTok | Is Tik Tok Worth It? | Inside Insight’s 2019 Review

Is it the next Instagram or the next Snapchat? I don’t think so I think it’s gonna develop into its own unique type of platform has it already overtaken Snapchat in user base I think yes but I’m not too sure I’ll have to double-check that I’m gonna cover it from a Content producer and […]

Meet the social media influencer family | This is That

Is anyone around to take a picture? I’m planking! and now everyone look at mommy’s Okay, somebody say something to make me laugh Let’s try this again… Uh, rain is wet snow C’mon babes, now on here Can you put it down a little bit? There you go, If you don’t know who we are, […]

5 Tips to Lead a Happy Marriage Life (Vlog # 1)

5 Tips to Lead a Happy Marriage Life Hay Guys whats up My name is JAMAL and i love to make videos with my best buddy PAPU Problems do come in a marriage life but they are not to stay forever so just relax and start working to make it a happy marriage life again. […]

Jimmi Simpson Talks About The EPIX Series, "Perpetual Grace, LTD"

thanks everybody welcome to build I'm your host Ricky Camilleri you loved our next guest in Westworld unsolved black mirror house of cards and if you're me you love to happen Leonard as well as under the Silver Lake and now you can see Jimmy Simpson in the beautifully made new show Perpetual grace limited […]

What camera kit should you take when travelling? | STA Travel

hey everyone so today I'm gonna be showing you the kind of equipment I bring in my travels and some suggestions or things that you could bring when you go traveling to okay so first up we have pretty much the smallest thing and that is a go through this one's quite an old one […]

Meet our BlueTicket winners | STA Travel

okay cool that sounds like a great trip I can't get this line down at all [Applause] [Applause] that's really hard because I don't know what I want to do in my life I think my perfect job would be something would enable me to travel 24/7 like just all the time and get paid […]

Nat & Liv’s Inside Scoop On Kim K’s CBD-Themed Baby Shower

super-exciting I mean the shower was so fun it was exceed ebcdic did I say it wrong take it themed but so it really was relaxing and Zen and we had a lot of fun I'm excited I can't wait I haven't met him yet but yeah it was a good time I love that […]