A visit from Saturn: What if Saturn flew past the Earth

our solar system consists of four small inner rocky worlds Mercury Venus Earth and Mars and further out unfathomably large gas giants wouldn't it be interesting if not disastrous if saturn started to slow in orbit and started to fall towards our inner solar system Saturn has now crossed the orbit of Mars and is […]

Baby Shower Intro

Senior Prom: Elvel School 2019

No spinner station it's until today

Best Minecraft Survival World (Tour)

hey guys Oh what is happening at your boy gave up three of them here today and today we are playing a little bit of Minecraft as you can see here we've got trees and flowers and whatnot and yeah this is my survival world so I'm gonna go ahead and give you guys a […]


[Musik] harrison kommen zurück auf meinem ganz ganz herzlich und das hier wird das letzte video mit einem umzug und dieses videos super ungelegen weil noch so viel zu tun haben ich habe hier einmal meine schwester dabei an ihren freund dies läuft es sehr gut am helfen dabei und natürlich den herrn koslowski eigentlich […]

4 Easy DIY Party Décor | Prince Baby Shower | Holiday Party Ideas | Tutorial

hey guys welcome back today I'm working on creating some decor pieces for a baby shower the mom-to-be found a really nice photograph on Pinterest and she wanted to use that as her inspiration for creating the theme of her baby shower here is the photograph from Pinterest it is bye leave it to me […]

Driving through the deserts of Iran! | Vanlife Travel Vlog 31

actually not going here we were just going back to the climbing place and they were kind of forced here and just oh there's the tomb perfect they are cool yeah I should go out and I can make a you can drive past me while I film this too on the road to a […]

5 Cool Travel Bags You’ll Ever Want – Must Watch

the pact one is designed to be the ultimate travel bag for those that know the benefits of traveling light and avoiding airline headaches the design combines the casual versatility of a duffel with the organization of a suitcase the jet-setting sidekick features a dual compartment design that allows you to easily pack and neatly […]


She's here. She's just knocked on the door. Oh Good good. Good. Good. Good. Good good Ha Mike Ross mansion. It's about to be fun. What is this grass and my instagram followers have in common, they're both fake This is my twin. This is yo so cute. I wanted to blow up a little […]