How To Survive Wedding Season with Jamie Chung (Visa Vows)

(upbeat instrumental music) (sighing) That’s right, yet another wedding invitation. Last year, I don’t know what I would have done. My wedding guest debt was spread over five different cards. I was completely maxed out. But this year, Visa Vows has me covered. Visa Vows is the only credit card designed specifically for people who […]

How Expensive is Traveling in ISRAEL? One Day in Jerusalem

another day another smoothie hey there I'm here in Jerusalem on a amazing sunny and nice and warm day in February smack in the middle of winter can't complain and I just bought a smoothie here this is like mango banana pineapple orange berry and super delicious so that smoothie was 17 shekels there's about […]

Germany Travel: How Expensive is BERLIN? It's Cheap!

hi there how's it going so I'm here in my dorm room as you can see I wanted to do a quick intro while I got the room to myself so I can show you what a dorm looks like here in Berlin one two three four five bunk beds so ten beds here they […]

Living in Japan : Japanese Apartment Tour

hello and welcome to Dave tripping so somebody had the suggestion the other day that we might do an apartment tour but I thought we would go one better than that and actually do a tour of outside our house by a couple feet or my house we live in the same building Dean and […]