Chinh ho jake paul hayrva kuhawa hahq Lit KOOOOOOOOO Guys ching hoss today hdjt jakq I’m gonna surprise her with these flowers that I got for her. I think she’s in her room right nowHwbsbb I’m such a good husband Uncle Kade! Oh my God. Do you know what today is you got these always […]

Henry Golding’s Naming Ceremony | Surviving Borneo (5/8)

Come on. You look good. So now is the time for my naming ceremony. A little bit nervous actually. Not sure really what to expect. Hello. This is all for me? Headman Scott Apoi welcomes Henry to a ceremony rarely performed today and not least for a member of a former warring tribe. I just […]

Do Arranged Marriages Work?

an eighteen-year-old indian girl topped off for tonya nishida temple and offered it to shape up uh… because she wanted to be matched up with the younger gentleman caller uh… rather the older gentleman caller the devil dress-up yet uh… my main question wasn’t she wakes up i don’t know i mean she was the […]

Cool Kids, Cold Case (Ep. 11) | Fantasy High

– Arch from the Church of Soul glimmers with kinetic magic potential, as the door to the portal’s about to happen, you boom! Ball perfectly up in the air. You snag it as this skeleton dives of what you thought was gonna be a portal but instead becomes nothing. – (beep) you, Daybreak. – As […]

EXIT: The Appeal of Suicide

(Ray Comfort) The drive from LA to Oceanside was amazing. I’ve never seen so many green hills in all my life. I thought I was in Kentucky. There’s an ugly rumor going around that I’ve been preaching a prosperity message. [audience laughing] I don’t know where it began, but it’s got to stop, okay? ♪♪♪ […]

Bride Gave Birth On Marriage Day – Bride gives birth on her wedding day

Bride Gave Birth On Marriage Day

Most WTF Weddings Ever

facts first presents most WTF weddings ever number one the cat wedding this is one of the strangest wedding photos ever taken not only do the bride and groom have their faces painted like cats but the bride’s skirt matches the curtains behind her hopefully they didn’t make their guests wear cat face pain also […]

The Most Unusual Families In The World

– [Narrator] What’s the weirdest thing your family does? Friday evening family night, ugly Christmas jumpers or maybe a holiday when you get to meet all the aunts and uncles you don’t even remember? If you think you have it rough, take a look at these families. From cringy to absurd, these families are more […]

My husband drives me crazy | My wife is driving me crazy | It drives me crazy | relationship advice

(intense music) – Hi everyone, I’m out in the garage making pens like this one. There was a time where I spent a lot of time in the garage making pens, and you might wonder why. Well, my wife made a video about it, and I’d like to share it with you. – An awesome […]

Wedding Cake Recipe from 200 years ago | How To Cook That Ann Reardon

Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon You’ve been asking for more 200 year old recipes so this week I am challenging myself to make this amazing dessert centre piece by Napoleon Bonaparte’s French pastry chef. The recipe to make this masterpiece is 10 pages long and it took 2 and a […]