Key & Peele – Weird Playlist

– Let’s listen to some music, you got a playlist– – Oh yeah. – That you like? – All my music is good, man. Just put it on random. – Alright. Rock it out. – This is an audio journal of my experiments on my own human condition. (laughs) Forgot this was on here. Let’s […]

The Jamison Family – Q+A

– Hello, and welcome to another edition of BuzzFeed Unsolved Postmortem, a show where we answer your most pressing questions about the most recent episode of BuzzFeed Unsolved, which was the Jamison Family. All the questions we’re answering today came from you guys via our BuzzFeed Unsolved Facebook page and our BuzzFeed Unsolved Instagram page. […]

The Disturbing Mystery of the Jamison Family

(sirens blaring) (creepy music) – This week on BuzzFeed Unsolved, we cover the case of the Jamison family. A case that’s as odd as it is creepy. There’s a lot of weird circumstance that surround this one. It’s the woods. – Ooh. – There’s some images in here that keep you wonderin’. – The woods […]

Top 10 Scariest Family Secrets

They say every family has a skeleton in the closet – a secret thats tightly held and almost never revealed. Maybe just one person knows the secret, maybe a few, or maybe the whole family has sworn to keep their silence so that the outside world will never know. Maybe your family has secrets just […]

“An Anthology” 26 Short Scary Stories | Creepypasta

A is for Astronaut Very rarely did something ever come into view of the International Space Station that wasn’t Earth. There was considerable surprise when, hovering just beyond the reach of the station and well beyond the reach of Earth, floated a single EVA space suit. A quick search of the ISS found that all […]

Couples Watch Hardcore Porn Together

– These are probably the most popular categories. We got “Lesbian”, “Babysitter”, “Big Dick”… – What are are you craving? – Please don’t say it like that. (dramatic music) – You’ve never watched porn by yourself? – No, no no. – We have never watched porn together. – That’s about to change though, it would […]

6 People Catfished By Someone They Knew IRL | MTV Ranked

(suspenseful instrumental music) – Wait, do you know this person? You know this person? – [Nev] Do you know this person? – [Shawny] Yeah. – [Nev] You’re in trouble. – [Max] Someone’s lying. – [Nev] She might not show up for all we know. – I mean, I’ve waited maybe an hour before. Recently it’s […]

I Saw Something CREEPY In My Bf’s Old Family Album

Hi! I’m April. This is gonna be a story of my first love which is now a taboo subject in my family. Everything started a few months ago and it seems like I’m going to be disappointed, shocked, and frustrated for the rest of my life. I feel like I still love the guy and […]

5 ‘Catfish’ Couples Who Actually Ended Up Together 💕 | MTV Ranked

– Well, why don’t we just let them now just chat? Why don’t you guys sit down, catch up? Let us know if we can be of any further assistance. – Thank you, guys. – I can’t believe it! It was him! This feels like a love story. – [Max] This does feel like a […]

The Doll Maker Friends Visit My PB and J AGAIN! Penelope is Turning into a DOLL!

hey guys welcome back I got this awesome box of crybabies and I can't wait to show Penelope I'm gonna go show her right now let's go Penn where are you oh she's not in mom and dad's room let's check Penn's room but now let me she's been here either that's weird well I'm […]