Family Gets Weird in a Game of Fear Pong | Fear Pong | Cut

– Act out your three favorite sex positions. Your kids must watch. (laughs) (orchestral music) [Camera Man] Hi! – [All] Hey! – I’m Edda, I’m their mom, and this is my husband. – I’m Kim, I’m their stepdad. – I’m Zack, the youngest boy in the family. – [Camera Man] Out of how many? – […]

How to make Tomato Rose – Salad Decoration in Hindi – vegetable carving – Monikazz Kitchen /Recipe 2

Hello Friends. Welcome to Monikazz Fassion. I Monika today will help you learn how to make Tomato Rose. With this you can decorate your salad. See how the Tomato is peeled. Put the Peel as shown to make Tomato Rose. If you like the Video then plz LIKE ….. SHARE….. …..SUBCRIBE MONIKAZZ FASHION.

Family Designs Secret Tattoos for Each Other | Secret Santa Tattoo

– Mother– – [Ty] Breathe. – Oh. – Ahh. (DeeDee screaming) – Merry Christmas. This is one of the best Christmas gifts ever. (Christmas music) – I’m Nae. – I’m DeeDee. – I’m Ty. – I’m Diana, and these are my daughters. – [Narrator] Who’s your favorite? (mom laughing) – Whoa, hold on. – I […]

DIY ❀ Interior decoration for wedding ❀ Giant Flower Papers Assembly Tutorial

DIY Interior decoration Giant Flower Papers Assembly Tutorial We need 5 colored sheets of paper, scissors, a cardboard and a glue for paper Take 3 sheets of paper and fold them Cutting petals Cut in the middle of petals Take the others 2 sheets of paper and fold them Cut We need only 3 pieces […]

Kids Try Their Parents’ Anniversary Dinner | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

– You know what like a song you listen to on your anniversary. – [Parents] It’s our anniversary. Ay, – [Parents] Anniversary. (upbeat guitar music) – [Family] Hello! – Well, we could start with… – Yeah. – These two? – These two? – Yes. – Okay break it up. – Do you know how long […]

Japanese Cucumber Leaf Decoration Sushi Garnish

Hi everyone, welcome back to my Sushi Channel, I am Davy Devaux and I am going to show you guys how to make a simple yet beautiful cucumber garnish. Alright so it’s very easy, just start by cutting a piece of cucumber. You want it to be about 15cm, that’s about 6 inches and then […]

Radiant Engagement Ring Video

Radiant Engagement Ring Video Radiant Engagement Ring Video showing a handcrafted Palladium setting, with the option of White Gold or Platinum. Shown in this movie is an absolutely gorgeous setting with .20 ctw of high quality round accent diamond, and a sparkling 1.12 carat radiant center diamond with Excellent cut grade., GIA certified diamond Making […]

Maddox’s Family Gets Slimed! | Partners in Slime | HiHo Kids

– I will be the person take shower the first. – No! – Yes! (Jet laughs) – [Maddox] Oh, no, no! – Not you, but Daddy definitely needs to help Mommy. (laughter) – [Narrator] Who knows you the best? Only slime will tell. The slime boss quizzes the partners in slime and they must guess […]

Engagement Ring Diamond Clarity Comparison Size Color Cut How to Buy 1 Carat Finger Hand 2 3 Ct .5

In this video we will Compare the 4 c’s of Diamond Rings which are Cut, Carat Size, Clarity, and Color we’ll also go over my 2 personal C’s which are lower Costs, and the importance of Certification First we’ll go over Cut. This is very important to understand because it is how diamond retailers try […]

Beautiful Fruit Arrangement 🍍 How to Cut, Slice & Serve

Satisfying Video of Fruit Slicing & Cutting Skills