Mother Of Three Dies After Brazilian Butt Lift. Her Family Says ‘It Shouldn’t Have Happened’

My Family’s Journey – JesssFam

My name is Jessica and I’m gonna start doing weekly or semi-weekly updates of my pregnancy. I’m 17 years old and I’m 8 weeks and 3 days pregnant today. It’s just a good way to look back on your pregnancy and what you went through. It’s a… GIRL!! Look at that, look at her. She’s […]

Cute Baby’s Reaction to Parents Kiss- Funny Baby and Family

Funny and adorable reactions when baby received kisses from their parents. Such a beautiful and memorable moment! Funny and adorable reactions when baby received kisses from their parents. Such a beautiful and memorable moment!

The Mabunga family celebrates Fernan’s birthday | Pamilya Ko Recap (With Eng Subs)

– Hey! It’s my turn! – Mom, I’ll talk to the kids. That’s enough. Give me that. We need to talk before your dad comes home. Is there a problem, Mom? Yes. But it’s a happy problem. I need your help in throwing a surprise party for your dad. – Oh! – That got me […]

My Mom Booted Me Out When She Got A New Family

Hi! My name is George and I am sixteen. You could say – I’m a fully grown up guy, maybe that’s true, but it does not mean that I’ve been able to get myself back together after what happened when I was ten years old. Six years ago I experienced the worst betrayal possible – […]

Lost In The Worlds Largest Maze / That YouTub3 Family

– Dad! Mom! Audrey! Jake! Ty! Is anybody there? Hi guys welcome back to– – That YouTub3 Family! – Today we are entering the world’s largest maze, and we’re gonna see if we can get out without getting lost. I have a feeling we’re gonna get lost. – [Jordan] Me too because Audrey said there […]

‘This Family Is So Dysfunctional As To Be Criminal,’ Dr. Phil Tells Guests

This family is so dysfunctional as to be criminal. And you’re quite right if those children were not out of this home, this relationship already, I would be reporting this to the Department of Child and Family Services today, to have the children removed and the two of you prosecuted criminally. Because what you’re doing […]

FAMILY PICS & Buried Treasure😂

– ♪ The fun has begun. ♪ ♪ We’re taking family pictures. ♪ ♪ It’s so much fun. ♪ (upbeat music) – Look. – [Janae’s Dad] This is a big something. Maybe we did find the buried treasure this time. – [Papa] There’s something big down there. (upbeat music) – Well even though Janae went […]

‘Being A Family And Then Running A Business Together Can Be Challenging,’ Admits Mom Who Helps Ma…

Statistics have shown that 91% of Gen Z-ers use YouTube, 65% have Instagram. Now, identical twins Allie and Lexi say managing their social media, as well as growing careers as artists is a full-time job. Now, we just saw Lexi and Allie’s mom, Amy, in the MTV show “Ex on the Beach.” Amy says, they […]

Searching For The Lake Monster / That YouTub3 Family

(upbeat music) – Hi guys, welcome back to – [All] The Youtub3 Family! – And today we’re gonna go searching for a lake monster. We heard that there’s lake monsters out there and we just found out the other day that there’s some lakes that are kinda by our house and so we thought, let’s […]