Ask A Polyamorous Person

– So, is every sexual experience an orgy? (laughing) Yes, I’m so exhausted. – No, do you know how hard it is to plan an orgy? – And orgies are not that common. I’ve been to one, and most of the time I spent there was in the corner eating Oreos. Why isn’t one person […]

Steve Carell’s Very First Date

– You just celebrated– you and Nancy celebrated your 20 year wedding anniversary… – We did, yeah. – Which is a big deal. – Yeah. – And you met working on “The Daily Show.” No, you didn’t, you met– – Second City, yeah. – Yeah. So, and how did you– did you have a pick-up […]

10 Things To Know When Dating A Nurse

what’s up everyone nurse Blake here and in this video I’m gonna talk about things you need to know when dating a nurse we’re amazing we’re awesome we’re awesome we’re amazing I feel like everyone should date a nurse and I feel like if everyone dated a nurse the world would be a much better […]

7 Red Flags In Dating You Should NEVER Ignore

One of the difficult things about dating is that sometimes people put a version of themselves forward that doesn’t correspond to who they really are. So you can start a relationship, think you’re dating this wonderful person and find out after several months that that’s in fact not the case. And that’s why in this […]

Teen boy physically and verbally abuses his girlfriend | What Would You Do? | WWYD

Oh Wait, I really want all Right Hey looks good today. Thank you Let me see your phone no I said, let me see your phone know why right now Texting anyone an intense scene Unfolding right in front of you a young man physically and verbally abusing his teenaged girlfriend Stop giving me reasons […]

[성수커플] 삐진 여자친구의 기분을 풀어주는 아주 완벽한 방법

Hello. Sungsukees in their matured stage of life, good to see you again. This is Lee Sung-hyun. Today’s mission is to make Soo-eun happy! I’m in a big trouble right now! [How this incident arose] We were playing LoL. [Let’s go] [To the valley] You know, we have to catch the Baron and dragon as […]

Couple Tries Home Cooked Vs. $65 Pizza

– Are you sure you don’t want some help from Patrick Swayze? This was much more romantic in my head. Welcome to Night In, Night Out, The show where we compare a home-cooked, tasty recipe to a night out at a fancy restaurant. Today we’re going on not one, but two dates, and then, at […]

Lazy Lovers – Auto Thrusting Hydraulic Sex Girdle (NSFW) {The Kloons}

If you’re like me, after a long day’s work, you want to WANT to have sex with your husband… But you also just want to sleep. -I’ve scheduled a sex date with my wife tonight, but I’ve got a project due first thing in the morning. -So needless to say, we’ve been in a bit […]