Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures – Chris' Fake Fiance

RWBY Combat Ready, now on Kickstarter I had um, this was a while ago I was meeting up with a girl at a bar and I go to this bar And I… they're a little early so I sit down and I sit, there's like Sat in this chair and this other girl who I […]

RT Life – Michael's Date to Prom

Girl named Kylie, she asked me to prom on Twitter Long story short, I was gonna go to her prom principal didn't want me there I'm a grown man So instead we're gonna bring her here Gavin: *laugh/coughs* He had nothing to do with it (Rooster Teeth Intro) Driver: All right, how was your journey? […]

– Q&A – MARRIAGE, BABIES, AND OUR FUTURE?/질문&답변/결혼?아기? 그리고 미래?/International Couple(amwf)(샘JJ)(국제커플)

today we're doing Q&A video you guys wait first question our own once we upload one video a week sometimes two because we're very busy works five days a week I used to work six but today was yesterday was my last day so now I work three but yes you don't have a lot […]

Dating Advice For Women: Will A Guy Leave His Girlfriend For You? (Shocking Reality)

what's going on everybody inter favorite dating coach Eliot Scott and as you can see by the title below we were going to talk about will this guy you're talking to who's taken will he leave his girlfriend wife the grow is talk to whoever it is for your finance okay now before we get […]

The Grandpa Who Saved His Granddaughter’s Prom

before we go I want to tell you about a superhero grandfather that swooped in to help his team granddaughter just in the nick of time Caleb Earl of Lancaster California was excited to attend her senior prom but when she found herself dateless a grandfather passed the Alvin Hackett offered to take her to […]

#Chrizi Goes on a Date at Fort Canning Park | TSL Vlogs

hi guys welcome to the episode ESL vlogs and today I'm here for a new show called from Singapore to Singaporean the Bicentennial experience and I have two tickets so I have no choice but to bring my og partner-in-crime career so Chris I excited for new creepy date I'm super excited yes and we're […]

Dating vs. Married *Testing Our Relationship*

ASA ASKS BAiLEY to PROM! | Brooklyn and Bailey | #Prom

hey guys so we have a special announcement tomorrow at the exact same time we are going to be posting another video with a special guest super bunny – guys come back through at this exact same time 4 p.m. come back and watch our for love with me hit me I'm about to go […]

10 WEIRD Prom Life Hacks EVERY Girl Should Know! | Krazyrayray